1. arfan786

    MERCEDES SL65 AMG V12 BI TURBO Coupe 2004

    2004 mercedes sl65 amg 6.0 v12 bi-turbo 603.5bhp 67000miles A Stunning Mercedes SL 65 AMG in Black with full AMG factory styling and tuning. This is an incredible performance vehicle with loads of factory extras,*Keyless entry, Push button start, F1 gear shifts, electric heated/cooled grey...
  2. M

    2017 Mercedes SL Review SL450, SL550, SL63, SL65 - Video

    2017 Mercedes SL Review SL450, SL550, SL63, SL65 [YOUTUBE HD]epxokzwUPdk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. S

    Hot or Not? SL65

  4. V

    Spotted SL65

    Driving through York today and a black SL65 came out of a junction right in front of me and were side by side at a junction. Both the facelift models just released a 63 & 65 Wow what's the odds that that's maybe the only one registered?:bannana:
  5. A

    SL65 wheel question

    I've got an SL55 Performance Pack which includes SL65 split rims as standard. I understand that these wheels are still available but was wondering if the rim part was available separately as obviously this is the most vulnerable part?
  6. L

    2006 SL65 Performance Pack

    As a newbie SL owner, does anyone know what the performance pack option was on the 2006 SL65 AMG? I have the original spec sheet and performance pack is listed separately to the de-restrict option.
  7. B

    SL65 AMG - Madness?? Or not ...

    I had a test drive of a 2014 SL65 AMG this morning Luxury and 620bhp all in one package But I'm thinking - it's the old model soon to be replaced - is it worth £20k more than an SL63 AMG - it's £100,000 But then I think - it's a rare rare car - it's luxury par not much else - it's...
  8. BIRMA

    SL65 Black Series at Goodwood Auction

    Just been looking through the Bonhams catalogue (as you do) for the Goodwood Members Meeting this weekend and the is a 3900 miles from new 09 reg SL65 up for auction price expected £190K + going to have to check it out.
  9. L

    Calling SL65 R230 Owners

    I am collecting my car next week, a 2006 model. It would be good to get some insights to preventative maintenance and ownership tips Thanks!
  10. nickjonesn4

    SL55, SL65 or SL63

    Defintiely on the move from central London next year which will have a couple of happy consequences - 1) A house with a double garage 2) A bit of a windfall and authorisation from the boss to buy a 2 seat sports car of some description Have narrowed it down to the 4 cars below R230 SL55 post...
  11. CTR55

    Side grill to suit SL65 / SL55 F1 bumper

    Hi All, Looking for above item, oem part number is A 2308850553 Thanks, David
  12. G

    AMG 19" IV SL65 rims split or not?

    After a lengthy search, is is true that the AMG IV19" wheels are not split rims? I'm about to get mine refurbished with new MPSS and would like to know as it has a huge impact on cost. Thanks all.
  13. B

    SL65 AMG Alloys on SL500

    I have a 2006 SL500 with the full factory AMG body kit and alloys I've seen a set of the darker SL65 AMG alloys for sale - I think they are described as cross drilled Can't decide if they would look naff and cheapen the car which is black
  14. B

    Sl65 amg

    Just wondering if anyone has or has had an SL65 AMG ( 2005-2008 vintage) I had pondered a CL65 AMG but binned it as the car is too big But the V12 experience lingers on So SL65 AMG ? Comments from anyone who has had one or driven one Thanks
  15. The _Don

    Amg c63 s63 e63 cls63 ml63 sl55 slk55 sl63 sl65 discs/pads

    Being sold on eBay via a mb dealer at discounted prices -
  16. D

    mercedes sl55 with sl65 body

    2003 Mercedes Benz SL Class SL 55 AMG 2DR AUTO 2 door Convertible | eBay
  17. U

    SL65 rear brake disks - anyone know of a pair available in the UK?

    Got hit by an MOT fail yesterday on rear disks. The 'ouch' re the cost was bad enough but it looks like they'll have to come in from Germany meaning they wont be here till after Christmas and I'll need to factor in a week's car-hire too! Does anyone know where I might source a pair of rear...
  18. E

    Sl55 to sl65

    Pros and cons chaps,I know we dtl have the dreaded abc,v12 any good....anyone gone from a 55 to a 65?any help welcomed.
  19. M

    Carlsson Super-GT 25 Based on Mercedes SL65 AMG

    The side and the rear reminds me of Aston Martin. from article: Although Carlsson has been flaunting its upcoming Super-GT 25 for quite some time, the German tuner has finally rolled-out the first of these unique, bespoke models, offering the company the chance to show off some of...
  20. U

    SL65 exhaust pop - good or bad?

    I recently had the 'other' coil pack replaced before which the exhaust was definitely popping too much and even backfired a couple of times. However, although greatly reduced now, as I take my foot off the gas, the exhaust still pops quite a bit. Now personally, I think it sounds quite cool...
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