1. bpsorrel

    New SLC

    My new SLC arrived today! Wow, it's certainly more than just a facelifted SLK! Everything about it seems a bit more stylish, a bit more modern. Even the smaller, chunkier wheel feels better to use. The roof can now be opened on the move (up to 30ish) and all 4 windows can now be closed...
  2. T

    New member Portsmouth, SLC.

    Hi guys, just a quick hello from Portsmouth in Hampshire. Finally bought an SLC something I've come close to a few times but never done. I have a '79 450 SLC, this is not my first Mercedes. A few years back I had a'78 450 SEL 6.9 a fantastic car but scarily expensive to fix should the suspension...
  3. N

    Can I fit an SLC 'Diamond' grill on an a 2016 SLK ?

    I have a 2016 SLK, and would like to ift the grill from an SLC, the one with diamond shape insets in circular patterns. From the parts list, the bracket behind the grill is a slightly different shape, and the tabs appear to be in a different place. Has anyone here seen or done the conversion...
  4. S

    Video: New Mercedes SLC 200 AMG-Line
  5. bpsorrel

    New SLC

    Parked my SLK next to an all-new SLC yesterday. Essentially the cars are the same, but in my opinion, some of the style of the 172 has been lost. Grafting the C class front and chromed up, fake pipes on the rear, plus losing the strong skirt design of the AMG sport model has done the shape...
  6. D

    New SLC prices and specificiations

    Just received this from the M-B press office. New SLC name to replace SLK 20 years after its first launch Available in two trim lines: Sport and AMG Line Range-topping Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 features new 3.0-litre V6 biturbo engine The new Mercedes-Benz SLC is now available to order, and...
  7. Gene

    SLC finally arrives

    Here are a few sneak peaks.
  8. gunning

    Another new project. 450 SLC

    Yesterday I went to a well known Mercedes enthusiast in my area. Was amazed to find he had 40+ Mercedes in a mixture of his garages. The one I had my eye on was a 1979 450 SLC. Covered in protective oil (the garage wasn't damp but he is OCD) it needs some work as it's been stood for four...
  9. M

    2016 Mercedes SLC with LED headlights spied – Video

    From the article: An almost production prototype of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz SLC (SLK facelift) was caught on video testing at the Nurburgring. Photos and video - 2016 Mercedes SLC with LED headlights spied .
  10. T

    450 SLC from a French Farmhouse!

    Good morning and hello to one and all. I have just 'acquired' a 1979 SLC450 (pictures to follow when I can work out how). Found in a French farmhouse, it hadn't seen the light of day since 2002. A battery and a bit of encouragement and it fired up on 13 year old fuel! Still UK registered...
  11. C

    SLC 450 - Anyone Know This One? Any Thoughts?

    I recently saw this ad for an 89 SLC and was rather taken with the car. I confess that the colour scheme - and the interior in particular - was what attracted me, but I wondered if I was in danger of committing myself to something regrettable! SLC COUPE 450 For Sale (1979) on Car And...
  12. gunning

    After a SLC or anything interesting pre 1993

    I'm looking at growing my small collection of cars and I've been on the hunt for something pre 1993 I've got a 1990 300ce 24 valve which I will be keeping as ifs a cracker but if anybody on here has something interesting and if I'm honest quite cheap (sub £1500) I'd be interested. Maybe even...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    SLC Spyshots (SLK Facelift)

  14. D

    mercedes 500 slc back again on ebay

  15. D

    the rarest slc ever 500 slc 1980 lhd

  16. A

    longer legs for an slc ??

    Hi there, I have a 350slc chassis 107.023 engine 116.982/4 it currently runs the original 3 speed box but I'm wondering if there is an easyish swap for a 4 speed box and would it improve cruising performance and perhaps fuel economy? thanks
  17. I

    350 SLC, surely cheap if accurately described?

    1972 MERCEDES 350 SLC GOLD | eBay
  18. I

    107 SLC advice on Subframe, please.

    Hi All, I’m going to buy something a little sporty. Not fond of soft-tops, I’m going to look for a Lexus 430sc, or, staying in-house, an SLC. I’ve been browsing and the very big issue on the SLC (all 107’s) seems to be sub-frame failure. In the US forums they refer to an MB recall with...
  19. grober

    Rallye slc

    OK it's just a couple of people "hooning about " in a rally prepared SLC but does give an impression of what these majestic cars might have sounded like.- I want one.:thumb: QRFnLUOCg4k
  20. GrahamC230K

    R107 SLC Rally Car + more

    On my hols last week I could not ignore the handily timed local rally action.........where the first car to draw my interest was this R107 SLC rally car. Some pics: There are some pics of the build here: Macala Car The rest of my pics from the rally are...
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