1. S

    2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi Sliding Door Alarm Buzzing When Doors Are Shut

    Hi, I have a 2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi 62 plate that has an intermittent issue with its sliding doors. Sometimes when I pick a passenger up and close the door the door that has been opened is reported to be still open on the dashboard and the buzzer sounds. Sometimes it's a case of...
  2. C

    MB Mold Lubricant A0009893660 - sliding pan roofs, cabriolet etc

    MB Mold Lubricant A0009893660 - 30ml bottle - unopened For use on - sliding pan roofs, cabriolet roofs and rubber joints. Retail is approx. £40 - I have 2 bottles for sale at £20 posted. Pleas email me at : [email protected]
  3. L

    Removing headliner from sliding sunroof ('93 W124 coupe)

    I'm attempting to remove the headliner from the underside of the sunroof. So far, I've found two guides: but for the life of me I can't see how the clips come undone. The liner is stiff steel; even if I pull down hard on the front edge as instructed, nothing happens. I've tried putting a...
  4. D

    Centre consol sliding storage draw

    Does anyone know how to repair/replace the sliding door on the storage compartment underneath the ashtray, behind the gear shift? Does anyone know the part # for this piece It appears that it slides on a track of some kind, and whatever piece holds it to the track has come loose and has...
  5. P

    rear electric sliding door opens on its own viano

    Hi i have a viano 2.2cdi automatic 2007, and my rear drivers electric sliding door often opens on its own when parked up, oh when i shut another door hard the electric sliding door opens, this is a concern as the children are in the back, any suggestions, thank you, i am new to this site so not...
  6. D

    Center armrest sliding door

    Hi, does anybody know the part number or what to search to get hold of a replacement of the below part? Mine is dirty and I can't seem to clean it up. Almost as if it's lost it's finish.
  7. guydewdney

    811 / vario lorry sliding door help reqd

    does anyone know how to adjust the runners on an old 1990's 811 type sliding door? it keeps jumping off the S shaped bit at the front bottom.... cant see any adjusters..... thanks
  8. A

    Vito Sliding Door Won't Open From Outside

    My 2007 Vito has a a few annoying issues which i want to work my way through! One of which being the passenger side sliding door doesn't open from the outside, When i unlock the van with the fob the door doesn't open from the outside, and if i go in the back and try open it, the door...
  9. nick.ged

    124 sunroof rubbers (sliding jaws)

    there are a number of small rubber like parts on the 124 sunroof arms, merc call them slider jaws. paet numbers: a126 782 01 30 : one each side a124 782 00 30 : two each side a124 782 02 30 : two each side a124 782 01 20 : two each side cost is around £70 from the stealer. any one...
  10. U

    Vito or V class sliding doors in silver no rust!

    Cash waiting. I'm in Kent but will travel. Thanks
  11. T

    vito pollen filter sliding cover replacement?

    hi all! iv gone and got meself a 112cdi vito and i have a horrible cold draft coming from down below even with the heater on full whack! removed the center lower dash piece and looked behind the connecting rods for clutch and brake pedals and have come across a gaping hole! the van does...
  12. P

    Does my car have sliding caliper pins?

    I have a W209 CLK 320 Convertible **********. Does this car have sliding caliper pins? IIRC, I just undo the bolts when changing the discs and pas, I cant remember pulling sliders out? Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. A

    Vito Sliding door

    Hi. I am new to the forum and looking a wee bit of help. I have a 2001 Vito 110 and the passenger side rear sliding door has a gap at the top and rain is coming into the van. I loosened the bolts on the bar holding the door at the bottom and pulled the door in at the bottom and tightened the...
  14. R

    Sprinter sliding door

    Does anyone know where I can find a new left side sliding door for my 2003 sprinter 311cdi in the uk. The old one is beyond repair and plenty of post 2006 ones on e-bay but no luck on 00-06 one on either e-bay or google.
  15. A

    Viano Sliding side rear doors won't lock

    Hi, When I lock the car with the key fob, the rear side sliding doors will not lock. I can lock them manually via hand from inside by pushing down plunger, and they will unlock via key fob fine. I have cleaned all contacts and pins on doors. Any ideas pls? Thanks Viano 2008 (W639)
  16. nick167

    Viano electric sliding doors/ central locking

    Hi all Can anyone help ! We have electric sliding doors on our viano, after the car central locks we can't open either door from the outside, we have to reach in and use the manual open which is cable operated.... After we use the manual button we can operate the doors electrically on the...
  17. P

    2002 vito sliding door lock problems

    Hi This problem has recently just happened, I can not lock the driver side sliding door from outside or inside the door opens fine from both in and out, the cable that runs inside seems to move when opening it but nothing happens when locking it. any ideas? cheers phill
  18. M

    Vito 638 - Sliding door Woes

    Hi guys, The sliding door on my van is completely out of line. The rear of the door when closed doesn't pull in and there is a large spacing from the body of the van and rear of door, as shown below. The closest edge of the sliding door ( the side that meets with the passenger...
  19. S

    Vito 120 Sliding Door Lock

    I could be being extremely thick here:- 1) Unlock with remote 2) All doors unlock – knobs pop up 3) I can open all doors except both sliding doors 4) External sliding door handles act as if locked 5) Open sliders from inside, close again, then external...
  20. D

    Sliding rear door -V-class

    I posted a thread about this some months ago, but did not see any response to it. The problem I had was that the door would not latch closed, which was inconvenient, to say the least. It was an intermittant fault, and I lived with by not opening that door at all. This week I decided I had to...
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