1. B

    Viano - Auto Gearbox slippage when Cold

    Can anyone tell me if I have an auto gearbox problem. I've got a 2006 Viano 3.0 V6 CDI and after overnight parking, everything is cold on startup. When I move off, its almost as if the clutch is slipping and it needs higher than normal revs to get going and before changing up through the...
  2. skemball

    W210 e320 CDi auto box 5th gear slippage

    Does anyone know whether the gearbox in an E320CDi should lock like a manual gearbox when in 5th gear? mine will slip when accelerating - not much but enough to show it isn't 'locked' releasing the gas pedal results in the revs dropping - not by much but again clearly proving that its not...
  3. D

    auto box slippage. 300e

    hi all, just joined and was wondering if anyone has a reason for my 1988 4sp auto box slips when changing gear, usually when cold. it's just as if it loses all gears just for a second and the engine revs up. any thoughts?!?! :)
  4. M

    1991 500SEL timing "slippage"

    Hello - first post. I have a 1991 500SEL that refused to start last week (had run as quiet as you could wish and flawlessly up until then - barring every now and then the engine would fail to turn upon start up- suggestion was "missing teeth on starter motor" as a possibility - this was due...
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