1. anfieldassasin

    2004 e220 cdi slipping into neutral

    Hi guys My dad's 04 e220 cdi with about 48k miles has now twice slipped into neutral. It's the 5 speed automatic. Seems to do it randomly and can be resolved by turning car on and off, also if the box is switched to manual then it will go into gear and change gears fine. He says when this...
  2. grosser panzer

    7g-tronic slipping?

    My 2006 E320cdi estate has just reached the 100k miles mark, runs great and I love it. It has a full main dealer history and I want to keep the car for as long as possible. So I recently had the transmission oil and filter changed, although not necessary according to the main dealers and...
  3. A

    2000 w210 E320 cdi Transmission slipping Problem help!

    Hi, Can anyone help me with this problem. I have a 2000 E320 cdi which has developed the slipping gear problem. Symptom: Started slipping and going into second gear i think. would reset when switched off and back on again. Got worse over a couple days. Now it will hardly move. If you start...
  4. G

    c270cdi slipping torque converter

    Hi i am new to this community but would like some advice on the above i have changed the torque converter to solve the problem but to no avail the next thing i changed was the gearbox still not working the mb star shows that the solenoid for the torque converter lock is not operating in the...
  5. P

    Is my ml420 wheel spinning or slipping

    I'm not sure, but when I pulled away quickly from a lay-by earlier first gear revved out really quickly and second gearstarted to and then found traction. Is that possible in a big 4x4? I had it remapped last week and this is the first time I've noticed it. Doesn't it have TC though that should...
  6. R

    C320 - 7g Auto Gearbox Slipping?

    Hi So I've mentioned the gearbox on here a couple of times..... Last issue I had was juddering going into 4th gear and some juddering when around 60 / 65 MPH (around 1800 RPM or so). I had a gearbox service done and the juddering going into 4th gear has gone now thankfully. What I have...
  7. Mo-benz

    C63 needs very good Tarmac grabbing with very less slipping!

    Hi all, probably this thread maybe has been posted to death but with all the power now I would want a quick opinion from other members who have been down this avenue of mods. While I have the stiffer pp set up I would love to know if there is a aftermarket spring or coilovers set up besides the...
  8. didi w203

    C220 cdi gearbox slipping

    hi. as title....w203 02 reg auto. .. slips when going around 35mph. had no drive after a 2.5 hour drive yesterday..stopped car restarted and was ok after but still slipped.....did a bit of research just need further expert advice. poss oil or magnetic plates? How do I check gearbox oil...
  9. Aletank

    Belt Slipping Noise ? 2003 C180k

    When the engine is cold and I'm in Drive or Reverse with my foot on the brake I'm getting a chirping sound as if the belt is slipping. When the engine is warmed up it's fine. The belt looks OK, not perished etc Any idea guys ? Could this be Alternator Clutch Pulley ? Thanks ;)
  10. H

    Transmission Problem- P2500 [slipping when accelerating]

    Good evening all It appears I've experienced the wrath of the common P2500 fault on the W220's where the transmission slips while accelerating. The symptom that alerted me to this was throwing it into neutral only last week when I had been going over 70mph, it would put it back into gear again...
  11. D

    Shuddering at 70+ MPH - STAR says TC slipping ? - 2001 E230 CDI S210

    S210 - E320 CDI 2001 facelift (registered 2002 if it makes any difference !) My car has been suffering from shuddering issue for a while now. I've changed many parts which all have had a big affect on symptoms. Originally I had vibration during breaking, at low speeds as well as 70 + MPH...
  12. Lipsylee

    C32 feels like clutch is slipping whilst Accelerating from 2nd to 3rd

    Hello the c32 feels like its slipping when accelerating a little hard mostly from 2nd to 3rd gear at about 2-2.5k rpm and when dropping back down . It's very jerky and when in manual if I go really slow in second then accelerate it jumps / jerks or slips . Any ideas would be great . Thanks lee
  13. shirleydrive

    W210 - indicator stalk and steering column cover slipping

    I hope this thread might be of some help to some of our listers. I recently purchased really nice example of a E320 (W210) of 1999 vintage - 61000 miles 12 months MOT and full MB dealer service records, and all for < £1000. The one niggle has been that when the interior of the car has reached...
  14. C

    Slipping CLK 55 Autobox

    Hi all. My W208 CLK 55 AMG has been garaged for quite a while due to working aboard to feed the new baby. I took the CLK out for a spin and the autobox slipped out of gear twice. I guess that will involve throwing a lot of cash at her... Does anyone have a similar experience or have some...
  15. U

    Auto gears slipping?

    Wonder if anyone can shed some light on this for me. I bought my first Mercedes the other day and all seems fine, very pleased. Gear changes are smooth and the only problem I had found was at very slow speeds in moving traffic it feels like it changes down to first with a bit of a jolt, more...
  16. imbck666

    w124 230E transmission slipping when cold?

    Hi everyone, Recently I've noticed that my tranny is slipping from 2-3 only when cold temperature. Once its warmed up like 15-20 mins or so its an excellent transmission.. no slipping, excellent shifting etc.. Its just when cold in the morning. It selects gear around 4-5 seconds after a gear...
  17. O

    Slipping into neutral in an auto

    Hi Folks, I've recently switched from a manual diesel C200 to a petrol auto C180. *takes a bow* In the manual car, when going downhill or coming up to a junction - basically anywhere where I need no acceleration - I used to slip the car into neutral and coast to a stop in a small bid to...
  18. A

    Slipping belt in wet weather.

    I've an interesting little thing going on with my 2007 B180 CDi which has a slipping belt somewhere in the engine bay. I've only heard it on wet days and whilst the engine is relatively cold. When slipping there is a slight effect on engine rpm, perhaps by 50/100 rpm drop which recovers once...
  19. H

    '97 C180 auto box slipping

    My 90,000miles C180 which is used every day had to be used to tow my 750kg kit car this weekend and it was not very happy. The engine pulls like a train and had no problem but the gearbox would not keep itself in top gear so was over revving. Is it likely that a change of fluid and filter may...
  20. B

    P2502 Trans Slipping

    Dears, I have C200 Compressor Elegance Model 2004 My gear box shows Error "P2502 Trans Slipping", What is the mean of this error? And how I can solve this error? and the cost for it please. And Please could you answer me how the error is caused. I have changed the filter and fluid...
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