1. M

    Slk 350

    Is anybody planning on selling their SLK shortly? I have been on the look out for an SLK 350 for the past month and half but cannot find any decent examples. Must have: Post 2008 VMR Low number of owners Fully documented and up to date MB dealer service history with no services...
  2. N

    Slk 55 amg

    Just put my very much loved car up for sale as I have bought a later model ( my 4th ) '06 89000 miles. I good all round condition. Mercedes-Benz SLK 5.4 SLK55 AMG 7G-Tronic 2dr
  3. J

    Slk Error Code P0500

    I believe it's to with a speed sensor, EML is on .. is it ok to drive around town and will it be a costly fix? Or is it a diy?
  4. P

    Slk 320 battery?

    Time fora new battery for my 2002 320 SLK, I managed to drain it while operating the roof several times with the engine off! Any suggestions please? Thanks
  5. P

    Slk "judder" from rest

    Hi SLK 320 2002 35.000 miles Auto I have a "judder" which seems to come from somewhere in the drive train. It only happens for a few seconds when accelerating away from rest steadily,not slowly but not foot to the floor!, and then disappears. Gear changes seem ok. Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. A

    R172 SLK winter wheels

    My partner is looking for a set of winter wheels and tyres for her car. She has option 950 which means that 17" wheels are the smallest she can use. We can find wheel and tyre combinations that should clear the struts and don't poke past the bodywork but in the handbook there is a note stating...
  7. C

    R172 SLK Luggage cover

    Does anybody have any tips on how to stop the rattling of the luggage cover when it is closed. I assume it is coming from one of the catches, but it's damn irritating
  8. iveco

    R171 slk rear window quarter

    Hi anybody tell me where to get and rough idea of cost of the rear window black Perspex corner panels they seem to be prone to flacking . Cheers Phil
  9. K

    SLK 1.8 CARLSSON - Reduced to £7500

    My brother has his immaculate 2005 SLK 1.8 Manual for sale on Autotrader and will offer it to anyone interested on here for £1500 less than the asking price. He's a decent chap and it's a good car. Here's the ad: Mercedes-Benz SLK 1.8 SLK200 Kompressor 2dr
  10. C

    SLK Glass roof

    Hi All I have read on another forum that in many cases, you can change the headliner in the SLK so you can access the panoramic glass roof which is now fitted as standard. At some point in 2014, MB started to fit a black foil to the underside of the glass roof possibly to stop this DIY...
  11. Toobad

    "Donk wheels" on SLK

    A somewhat extreme styling fad hailing from The Land of the Free. I think the name comes from Ri-donk-ulous which is the street way of saying Ridiculous, a term used to infer an exceptional degree of coolness. Definitely a Marmite style and a :fail for me but I guarantee somebody out there...
  12. 1

    SLK 172 230 AMG Caliper Cover Plates

    Hi Guys I changed the MRs front brake pads at the weekend and on both sides one pin snapped off on the black caliper plate cover. Can we buy these as Merc said you have to buy the whole caliper>? If not Ill make some.
  13. N

    SLK 55 Rear tyres 2014

    Guys , I have done a search but cannot find it. Thought I had read about upping the width of the rear tyres from 255 x 35 x 18 to 265,s instead. Would I need to keep 35 profile or drop to 30 profile with the 265 width? I am just in the process of changing the fronts but am keeping the 235 width...
  14. V

    New Member looking at SLK AMG 55 Gearbox Check

    Hi all My wife has always hankered after a older (2004-7) slk amg 55. And now lucky enough in a position to purchase one. We have seen a couple, very similar, read lots about service history, gear boxs etc and would just like a few tips on checking the 7 g gearbox. The Ines we have been...
  15. Brownbear247

    A new member with an old SLK

    Hi All, Just joined this site as I have just purchased a 1998 SLK Kompressor Convertible. Looking forward to logging on and becoming one of the contributors. Stewart.
  16. C

    electronic parking brake on SLK R172

    Hi Should the EPB engage automatically when I come to a stop, select P and turn off the ignition?
  17. timskemp

    Another one for the collection: My SLK

    Or MLC as my older, psychology studying daughter describes it. SLK 200 R172 AMG sport auto. Tenorite / Crystal. Saw it on my saved searches coming through at my dealer with another one in Cavansite / Beige, but this was lower mileage and had heated seats and parking sensors. Had it nearly...
  18. G

    slk 230 roof problems

    Good afternoon sorry if this is in the wrong place I have a 1997 SLK 230K AMG with a roof problem when I fist got the car the roof switch was disconnected after reconnecting it the roof opened no problem but would not close, I changed the pump as it was not running (tried a new really first)...
  19. G

    slk 32amg, sl55amg supercharger washer and pulley size?

    Hi guys does anyone have a spare washer of the slk 32 or 55 supercharger pulley they can sell to me (cant get off mercedes seperate- have to buy the whole pulley unit) also might be a daft question is this a 65mm pulley that came on the car?
  20. A

    New Mercedes E class W210, SLK, CLK osf fog lamp lens, A1708261090

    On Ebay @ £9.99 but happy to do a deal for members. Mercedes E class W210, SLK, CLK osf fog lamp lens, A1708261090 | eBay
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