1. R

    Super-Charger SLK230 not working

    :wallbash: Supercharger not working-clutch moves slightly on initial rev. 12v going to clutch- Cleaned MAF sensor. Cat rattling in exhaust too. Any ideas please?
  2. Fozzer

    from mr2 roadster to slk230

    Hi to all on this forum. moved as getting old and needed something more comfy but with at least as much oomph. also auto for my siatic leg. had the slk 2 weeks and certainly got what i wanted, cant wait for summer
  3. G

    Wanted nice R170 SLK230

    I hope I've posted in the correct section. As above really. My budget is up to £5k for a post face-lift with less than 70k miles. Must NOT have rusty arches (is this possible ?) Must be auto and have fsh. Any colour except black considered. I'm fed up of looking at rusty cars and I don't like...
  4. E

    R170 SLK230 Indicators stop flashing infrequently

    I have been putting up with the flashers/indicators occassionally stopping working. The hazards still worked. I have known for some time the problem was assocaited with the Illumination module in other words the headlight switch control unit as if I tapped it they would often start working...
  5. RyanTheSeaOtter

    My wife and her SLK230 Electric Roof issues...or not in actual fact

    Just wanted to share the phone call I just had with the wife to the world... She collected her SLK yesterday (I sold it to her) from my garage and on leaving me it had absolutely no issues whatsoever... Katherine just calls me in a stress moaning that the electric roof wouldn't go...
  6. A

    Slk230 k nw uk

    Greetings. Recently bought an '04 SLK230 Kompressor for the better half. Heading towards retirement and had a 'why not?' moment. The poor thing ( car, that is ) will be used for just about everything. From work hack to dog transport. The dog is fascinated by the car just 'dissolving'...
  7. R

    SLK230 rear silencer

    Hi Thought this may be of interest to other SLK owners. I have a 1999 230 Kompressor which the rear silencer was past its best to say the least. Got the Merc part number and then started looking around for a replacement. These silencers are like hens teeth. Blinking rare, especially non Merc...
  8. M

    1997 slk230

    :(Indicators/hazard lights sometimes illuminate but don't flash, Previous enquiries suggest solution is a new "box of tricks" under the bonnet @ circa £700 plus vat and labour. Seems to this idiot to be rather extreme. Any better ideas please?
  9. BPD07

    Leather Repair... options? SLK230

    Hi, I've just purchased a high mileage SLK230 and it seems to have lead a hard life in the trim department. It's like the DPO would get bored and pick the leather console whilst parked, or he had a fetish for keys on his left hand side. That and the worn door handle are all that lets the...
  10. T

    slk230 1998

    Hi all how much automatic transmission oil do I need for the auto transmission. And how do I change it? Thanks:dk:
  11. ABTguy

    New member with SLK230

    Hi all, Have had my year 2002 SLK230 since March. Glad to join this forum as the cars in my country (Malaysia) are RHD :)
  12. T

    slk230 1998

    Hi all servicing my slk all ok except reading on a web site that there is a oil change on the kompresser? Is this correct?
  13. J

    slk230 central locking

    hi need some help i've just bought a 1999 slk230 which the cental locking doesn't work when you press the buttons on the remote both of them the lights flash on car and dash but locking doesnt work neither does the button inside the car work interior light works as it should with door open any...
  14. M

    SLK230 Cat back exhaust

    Cat Back exhaust for a pre-facelift SLK230. In good condition. £45ono Phone Mark 07981 778435 or PM
  15. slippy

    Absolutely Stunning Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor 2.3 auto

    I have decided to list my beautiful SLK on eBay Please see item number 171293453734 for all the info on her. Any questions, please contact through ebay. Here (hopefully) is the link.. Absolutely Stunning Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor 2.3 auto Supercharged | eBay
  16. K

    SLK230 wanted but not silver 2004/05

    Hi, Just sold my S320 and now I'm looking for an SLK230 around 2004-2006 depending on price. I do not want a Silver one nor am I looking for one with over 100k miles. A black one would be nice with the two tone interior in cream. Thanks, Steve...
  17. ACID

    MSL Breaking Mercedes SLK230 Komp 2003

    Mercedes Slk Please Pm me or Call Us for any parts. Thanks Acid
  18. S

    New here slk230 auto

    hello folks just got my little 1998 slk230 auto in yellow with amg body kit and amg wheels..i just love it :bannana:
  19. ColinPT

    R170 SLK230 Rough running under load

    Hi All. My first post on this excellent forum. Unfortunately, although I've learned a great deal about 'other things' here, I have an issue of my own which remains unresolved. My SLK230 R170 has had just about everything replaced to try and stop an irregular running / misfire problem. Plugs...
  20. M

    SLK230 Exhaust and catalyst.

    Hi, Does any one have a complete OEM exhaust and or catalyst for an early (2001) face lift SLK230 6sp Manual. Thanks Mark
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