1. M

    Front bumper SLK280 2006

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to repair the damage to a front bumper, in this case two large cracks in the middle of the bumper using fibre glass? The bodyshop guy said I would be wasting my time as it will not work. I have tried to source a used one that has not got any damage but they...
  2. Storminnorm

    SLK280 Wheels

    Hi, Need a front and rear wheel for an SLK280 M171 part numbers are 171401280 171401290 Thanks
  3. Storminnorm

    Another New Member From Cork

    Hi All, Just picked up an SLK280 which is my first Mercedes, needs a bit of work but I'm looking forward to getting it on the road. Will obviously have more questions than answers at this stage, but maybe down the line I will be able to offer some answers too. Anyway, thanks for letting me join.
  4. brucemillar

    SLK280 (3 litre) auto. Battery drain?

    2008 registered (2007 model) SLK280 (3 litre) auto. 52K miles. Guys. This is for a friend of mine. His car has now had four batteries replaced due to a battery drain issue. The battery drains in a 1 - 2 weeks. Both the AA and Mercedes have failed to find the fault/cause. Any clues where he...
  5. M

    2006(06) mercedes slk280 3.0 v6 convertible automatic iridium silver

    Full Details 2006(06) MERCEDES SLK280 3.0 V6 AUTOMATIC CONVERTIBLE IRIDIUM SILVER - Mercland Mercedes SLK280 Convertible 3.0 V6 Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 24th March 2006 – 06 Reg • 36,714 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Engine...
  6. T

    New member needing advice on slk280 purchase

    Hi all, i am tony 44 from London and have been driving my alfa gtv 2.0 TS for the last 12 years and now feel with age that i can finally go for that convertible I have looked, studied, compared, dreamt of various cars from Mx5, to the new alfa spider only to be told that chain belts are...
  7. Y

    2007 SLK280 auto poor starting

    Hi guys !! My 2007 SLK Auto has developed a starting issue which now sees the car taking anything between 2& 6 turns of the key before it will start , when it refuses to start the engine spins over fine it just won't fire !! After a few attempts it will start & then be totally fine !, the...
  8. Y

    2007 slk280 dlc3

    Hi Can anyone tell me where the DLC3 connector is located on a 2007 SLK 280 ? Thanks in advance Cheers Mark
  9. Y

    Possible slk280 purchase

    Hi Guys I'm thinking about buying my wife a 2007 SLK 200 or perhaps 280 (R171 I believe is the model code)....... Just wondering if there are any issues I need to be aware of on these models before I decide to go take a look at some ! Any help / guidance would be much appreciated , thanks in...
  10. M

    Slk280 cat d

    Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing an 07 plate Mercedes SLK280 2d Tip Auto. 53k genuine miles, 3 owners. It was written off and repaired as CAT D. Damage was to front bumper, Bonnet, lights etc. although is don't know full extent. All have been replaced and looks like new. Radiator wasn't...
  11. N

    Just Bought an SLK280 in Red

    First post so 'Hi Everyone'... Well... you see... it kind of just... erm... happened... I went out with Mrs Nanoman to celebrate a promotion... we had a couple of hours to kill in town before our table was booked and we thought we'd pop in past MB of Glasgow. I had seen new SLK 250s...
  12. B

    Stupid question......?

    It may be a stupid question - but how the hell do you set the clock in the speedo of a R171 280 SLK? The manual suggests you do it via the menu's - unless you have the command system (as that gets it's time from the GPS). Well - I've got the command system, and that tells me it has the correct...
  13. andyrno1

    aircon problem 06MY slk280

    my 06my air con doesnt appear to be working as per manual. it was re-gas'd in march 2010 by the first owner at 21k and is now on 23k. If i try another re-gas and that fails soon afterwards has anybody else had this and what was the repair cost to fix? Thanks,Andy.
  14. A

    CEL and gear problem on R171 SLK280

    Hi guys i am new hear and i hope u guys can give me some information on my SLK 280 2006 (25000+ mile) My Slk 280 recently have some problem . First it show me aa ( check Engine ) so when to repair shop and they do and oil change for me and they did use some of the program to remove the...
  15. T

    Opinions Please Slk280 Or Porsche Boxster

    I do realise that this is a MB forum and that opinions may well be biassed...but would love to hear your opinions to help me decide between a SLK and a Boxster... Particularly interested in running costs, consumption, resale values etc....trying to think with my head here....budget around £15...
  16. jezyg


    Anyone driven or ordered one of these? Going to put in an order for an SLK this month not sure onwhich to go for either the 200K or the 280
  17. B


    Anyone know when these will be available? Any thoughts vs the SLK350? With a £4k price differential from the 350 and only £3k more than the SLK200K it could be quite compelling...
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