1. S

    Mercedes SLK32 AMG

    Here for sale is my Mercedes SLK32 AMG. If you're looking for one of these you'll know about how few there are and how fast they are so I won't go on about that here. I've owned the car for nearly 3 years and in that time it has been very well cared for and any issues have been sorted. It's a...
  2. gazz

    Friend selling SLK32 AMG

    A dear friend of mine is selling her beloved AMG Used 2001 Mercedes-Benz AMG 32 AMG for sale in Surrey | Pistonheads
  3. M

    "City lights" for my SLK32

    No one on this side of the pond seems to know what I asking about here. My SLK32 has the HID headlights and I noticed that each headlight unit has an unused socket for a lamp. I believe this lamp is commonly used in the EU as a "city light", and is turned on when the main lamps are turned off to...
  4. S

    SLK32 remap

    Thinking about getting the smaller supercharger pulley and remap done. Looked on EurochargedUK website, which doesn't seem to be working to actually order anything and hasn't for a while, and there's the slk32 remap for £386 and a c32 for £257. Is there actually any difference in the map on the...
  5. SG1

    SLK32 AMG - ESP Light

    Evening guys, I've recently bought a SLK32 and the BAS/ESP light is permanently illuminated. I have tried the trick of turning the steering wheel lock to lock several times with no luck, any ideas before I take it to a specialist? :confused:
  6. Gurd63

    Slk32 amg

    After purchasing an SL55, I've been thinking about buying another SLK32, as then I'd have the 170 and 171 slk amgs and the sl. Budget is up to 8k, that could be a tall order but I dont mind a car that has a bit of work to be done. Preferably low owners and all paperwork. Thanks
  7. yuriboy

    R 170 slk32 amg

    hi all , i am in the market for a slk 32amg , standard or modded ,cash waiting thanks .. yuri 07729077177
  8. S

    My SLK32 AMG for sale

    Hi, Is anyone on the forum looking for a SLK32 AMG its a 2002 model with 84600 miles with full history and I have owned for 7 years. Its currently running with a Eurocharged SC Pulley and Jerry remap and SL55 air boxes and is a beast. However I can put back to stock should you wish. Its in...
  9. M

    WANTED SLK32 3.2 AMG Obsidian Black

    I'm looking for a black SLK 32 AMG I am ready to buy if you have one for sale. Low mileage if possible, private sale preferred but I will consider any offers. BLACK only. Thanks
  10. T

    Newbie SLK AMG 170

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum having picked up my 51 plate SLK 32 AMG yesterday. I am new to Mercedes and am, so far, enjoying ownership and more than impressed with its performance. Prior to purchase I lurked around this site and found it very informative and helpful and swayed my descision to...
  11. M

    SLK32 AMG thermostat

    Hi My SLK32 is slow to warm up, can anybody tell me where the thermostat is it located as I wanted to change it thanks
  12. M

    SLK32 AMG diff oil change

    Hi How often should the diff oil be change for my SLK32 AMG. Would fluid should I use and how much will the garage charge roughly. I always take my cars to my local bosch garage.
  13. M

    SLK32 AMG intercooler pump

    I am just replaced my SLK230K with a SLK32 AMG (2002). I knew when I bought it when you put your foot down the supercharger disengages. I was going to try replacing the fuse before buying a new intercooler pump. What size fuse do I need and which one do I replace in fuse box
  14. S

    SLK32 / C32 Kompressor wing badge 'E'

    I've lost an 'E' from my wing. I know I can buy a whole new badge, but seems a waste of all the other letters, so asking on the off chance someone might have one!
  15. S

    SLK32 Service

    Having owned the car for a week and seeing as the service indicator was telling me the service was due in 29days I spent some time yesterday doing it all myself. Bought all parts from Eurocarparts for £267 which was for: 10l 0w40 Mobil 1 New life Mann Oil Filter Mann Air Filters - Didn't...
  16. S


    Looking for an SLK32. Don't mind which colour. Would prefer less than 70k miles on the clock. Don't want one with any bodywork mods or non-standard wheels though ideally no mods at all. Let me know if you're selling one! I'm keeping an eye on ebay, Autotrader, Pistonheads and Carandclassic.
  17. A

    slk32 new wheels n tyres?

    currently have 225 on front n 245 on back want put 19" on what's the best sizes?
  18. A

    slk32 lsd

    anyone got lsd for a slk32 51 plate?
  19. S

    SLK32 or 209 55?

    After selling my 208 55 last year and regretting it I'm looking to get back in a Merc. The original plan was that I'd buy another 208 coupe and keep the MGF I've got as I want a convertible. After working out the sums it'll cost me around £1600 to keep both a 55 and F insured and taxed and...
  20. D

    slk32 amg. What gearbox

    What gearbox is fitted to a 2001? Is it the speed shift like on a c32?
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