1. M

    SLK 320 Heater Motor

    I have a 2001 SLK 320 Manual, I've had dreadful problems with water ingress on the passenger side. Its ruined the heater motor and the SRS module. How do I take out the heater motor and clear the drains ?
  2. MercedesBent

    SLK 3.2 SLK320 - buying advice/things to be wary of?

    Hi All Not new here as such, just not been a MB owner for several years......surprised my membership login still worked TBH. Anyway, Ive seen a SLK 320 up for sale and off to have a look at in the next hour and wanted to know if there are any obvious things to look for specific to the...
  3. T

    High mileage SLK320, buy or run.

    Hi all, new member to the site looking to buy a SLK320, have seen quite a nice example but has 170,000 miles on the clock, full MB srevice history. Take a chance or run away. Regards Stuart.
  4. Fergie35X

    Throttle delay on SLK320 (R170)

    Hi, I've recently experienced a problem with the throttle response on my 2001. I've owned the car a couple of months, it's a low mileage (25k) FSH model, and the other day an hour or so into a drive I noticed a delay when pressing the accelerator. It lasted a second or so before there was any...
  5. P

    Replacing an SLK320 (AMG body) front grill... Argh!

    Hi all, Hope someone has some advice. My SLK320 is now 10 years old and the front grill was chipped and very sorry looking. I have a brand new one from MB spares and the sunny weather today got me into gear. It looks a simple enough job - open bonnet, remove 8 screws and then slide the...
  6. A

    SLK320 - will collapsible tyre fit

    I am just about to buy a 2003 SLK320. At present it doesn't have a collapsible spare wheel only the tyrefit canister. If I remove the storage box will a collapsible spare fit in its place? If so, are the collapsible wheels for the R170 and R171 models the same? Or maybe any other models as...
  7. D

    reluctant starting on slk320 manual

    Dear All, I recently changed the fuel filter on the car. The car has always started on the button for the 6 months that i have had the car. Last week it started to get a bit reluctant to start. Taking a few seconds turning over before firing. On switching on the ignition you would hear...
  8. M

    Slk320 r170 main beam problem

    I hope you guys can help, The problem is that the main beam lamps work when the light stalk is pulled to flash, however when pushed nothing. I have read in another forum that it could be a relay, the main light switch or the stalk. Has anyone had any experience of this as any input would help...
  9. I

    Changing a brake light switch SLK320

    As I couldn't find this elsewhere I thought I would post it in case it is of help to others. Very easy job but done completely by feel as the switch is high up on the pedal behind the dash. Firstly remove the lower cover which extends the dash to the floor, this is a fairly thin and flimsy...
  10. A

    Slk320 cup holder

    Anyone know where I can get one ? I specified the storage tray instead but with so many drive throughs...
  11. 5

    SLK320 - Any good?

    Hi All, I'm considering a SLK 320....are they any good? What is the one to go for? About £6000 budget. Mileage doesn't bother me but under 90k with good history is what i'm looking for. Manual or auto better? Any problems known to this model? Thanks in advance. Bill
  12. L

    SLK320 weird throttle fault!

    Hi can anyone throw any light on this fault? The car is a 2000my SLK 320 manual, if you start the car normally at any time the throttle doesnt function, full throttle just manages to lift the revs up to about 1800RPM, I have read the fault codes and get a code for faulty throttle actuator or...
  13. B

    SLK320 stuck in park

    Hi all, my Slk320 year 2000 is stuck in park. It has been stood for a while, roughly 6 weeks, & was working fine before then. I can stick a pen down the release hole to allow me to select drive etc & the car drives as normal with no warning lights etc. Would I be right in suspecting the brake...
  14. DazT-SLK320

    SLK320 engine light

    Hi just a quick question: on my way back from work i have to go down a long hill (2 miles) by the time i get to the bottom my engine warning light comes on and stays on for a few days. Has anyone any idea what the problem could be?? Cheers Daz
  15. T

    SLK320 Manual Clutch

    Hi. I've got an SLK320 manual (2001) and the other day a broken bracket and a 6" spring dropped into the footwell. I'm told that it's a device to reduce the pressure on the clutch and isn't critical - the clutch will just be a bit heavier. Is this true? I'm inclined to leave it off if I can...
  16. P

    SLK320 Parasitic battery drain?

    Hi all, First post, so please be gentle! I've had an '03 SLK320 from new that doesn't travel much - it's a weekend toy. Until about a year ago it was good as gold but then travelling up past Peterborough the car cut out on me. Totally dead battery. MB Assist rescued us and it turned out to...
  17. DJC013

    Prestige Car Service, Horndean.

    Hello, just wanted to give my opinion of my visit to Ollie last week (14.09.09) when he looked at my SLK320. He changed the transmission fluid and filter, change the diff oil, and also changed the spark plugs ! :) It was nice to vist a place where it was OK to view what they were doing, and...
  18. DJC013

    NGK or Bosch ?? R170 SLK320 M112 V6

    Hello, just wondered what plugs i should go for in my 2001 SLK320 ?? I have searched the Forum, both makes get positive remarks, some say that NGK were OEM on my vehicle ? Many thanks in advance, regards Damian. :D PS - Took one out today, it has NGK in at the moment !
  19. 9

    Squeeky/rattly rear shelf in slk320....

    Just bought (privately) as a second car (06/06 15K RAV4 is daily driver) a 20K mile 2-lady-owner FMBSH Lazulite blue/black/ally slk320. Absolutely stonkingly mint. Only quibble is that the rear shelf behind the seats makes a bit of racket - thin rattly-squeeky noise - on the move. Noise stops...
  20. 9

    What should I pay for 03 20K mile SLK320 Auto?

    Hi all, I have chance of a car (privately from a friend of a friend) with elec seats, xenons, bose in blue/black 2 owners from new but asking £13K. I'm thinking that £13K is too strong and that £11K would be about right?? Any views from you folks here would be most appreciated. TIA 99
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