1. C

    Wanted : SLK350

    Hi all, looking for a facelift 2008 onwards SLK350. Ideally with airscarf, memory pack and satnav. Please reply here or pm with details or any seen for sale that I may have missed. Many thanks James
  2. M

    2006(06) mercedes slk350 3.5 v6 convertible 1.8 automatic green with red leather

    Full Details Youtube Video: Mercedes SLK350 Convertible Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 7th July 2006 – 06 Reg • 61,614 miles only with Full Service History (see...
  3. T

    Heater problems in SLK350

    Hope someone can help me, the heater in my SLK350 has stopped working!! I found a really helpful guy on UTube explaining how to remove the heater and clean it up which is what I've done however after putting it back together the heater seems to have a life of it own "scary" :devil:. Has anyone...
  4. B

    Mecedes SLK350 R171

    Hi club mates, I am being frustrated in trying to find genuine Mercedes moulded rear mud flaps for my SLK R171. Merc garage say they are not available, but I have found some on an American web site, only problem they show a photograph with them fitted and there is an absence of the plastic...
  5. H

    SLK350 Steering Wheel Paddles

    Hi Bit of help please. New user of the above and a question of shifting. When driving in comfort, I find that on touching the wheel paddles, the transmission will automatically go in the manual mode and operate on the paddles. Possibly me doing something wrong, the owners manual appears a bit...
  6. X

    2013 SLK350 Engine rattle on start

    Hi all, First please be gentle :p My 2013 SLK350 has developed a short-but-loud rattle on start up which happens about 50% of the time - sometimes after a drive and a short stop, sometimes on a cold start. It usually lasts between 2 and 5 seconds, but sometimes lasts longer and...
  7. B

    slk350 Alloy help

    After having recently bought an slk350 (r171) I suffered a blow out on the motorway yesterday which was the result of a badly refurbed alloy. I am currently trying to source a new alloy for the rear of the slk but as I am a mercedes newbie I was looking to see if someone could help me out with...
  8. P

    Wanted alloys for my SLK350. r171

    Hi I have just got myself a nice slk350 but alloys are a little messy. There are 18 inch on at the moment so I would like the same size.
  9. kingronnie

    SLK350 vs. SLK55

    OK, so I've done a lot of searching and I still haven't satisfied my question with regard to R171 SLKs: Is the SLK55 worth the extra over a SLK350 as a daily driver for someone on a budget? SLK55 is obviously the faster car, but that's not the question. I've driven a 350 and I found it...
  10. Colin_b

    2007/57 R171 SLK350 Obsidian

    Mercedes Benz SLK 350 First Registered 17/10/2007, one owner. Factory fit options 7G-Tronic automatic transmission Obsidian Black with Orient Beige leather Parameter Steering, Steering wheel gearshift paddles, Parktronic, Airscarf, Rain sensing wipers, Tyre pressure loss warning...
  11. C


    Looking to buy an Slk350 Hello all, looking to get a convertible and like the look of this car: Used Mercedes-benz Slk Convertible 350 2dr Tip Auto [sports Pack] in Bracknell, Berkshire | Vixen Prestige tried to call MB to check the spec and history, but they refused. Can a kind sole...
  12. Colin_b

    SLK350 disks & pads, what size?

    I'll need to replace the pads and disks on my 2007 SLK 350 in the next few months, so I thought I'd order them early. Went to Euro car parts, put the reg no. in and away I go. Except I have a choice of 2 part numbers for each component. ie, rear disks, both Pagid, 2 slightly different sizes...
  13. J

    Vario Roof Problem SLK350 (56) R171

    Hi, I am new to this so if i have posted in wrong section sorry. I have a SLK 350 and left at airport for 2 weeks, upon returning to the car a notice saying Vario Roof Malfunction has appeared on the dash, The roof does not function at all, also heated rear window light alluminates but...
  14. D

    R171 slk350 (2005)

    I'm new to this forum and new to owning an SLK350. The CD multi-changer isn't working so I want to remove it to have a look if it's anything obvious. Can anybody tell me how to remove it from the glove box. It doesn't seem immediately obvious.
  15. D

    New member, SLK350

    I'm now the proud owner of a 2005 SLK 350. It was my father's car for the last 4 years. Unfortunately he died a couple of months ago so I sold my 2008 Mustang GT so that the SLK could have pride of place in the garage. It will only be coming out when the sun is shining. There's a couple of jobs...
  16. S

    SLK350, Secondary air injection fault

    Does anyone have any advice they could give me. I have a 2005 SLK350 which has started to throw up a "secondary air injection" alarm (P0410). This only happens when started from cold, if code is reset it does not come back (engine warning light) until the car has been started a couple of time...
  17. 3

    New SLK350 owner

    Hello Everyone. Just purchased my first MB. Its a 55REG SLK350 in Black with Black and Red Designo interior. & 7 speed Tip auto ,18" AMG wheels. Low milage superb condition. Very impressed goes like stink but its rained eversinse i got it so havent tried out the hadling yet. I find the ride a...
  18. M

    SLK350 Steering Castor Bushes.

    Hi, just had the SLK350 at the local specialist for a check up. They told me the front castor bushes are weak. Just wondering if this is a job best left to the specialist or if my trusted local mechanic could sort it. Also are the bushes available aftermarket or are they Mercedes only...
  19. T

    Air Con SLK350

    I have a 2004 SLK 350 paddle shift car. The Air con has not been getting down to a decent temperature. It would be useless in the South of France!! I had the system re-gassed today -670g of Refrigerant Replaced. No leaks found. BUT they said the AC fan is not operational. Does anyone have...
  20. L

    tracing wire from phone cradle to module slk350

    Hi I'm looking for any tips on dismantling the trim to trace the wire from the cradle to the module in the boot of a SLK350 with HK speakers in the rear . Cheers
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