1. N

    Slk55 amg 2014

    Guys, car is due 3 year major service next week. Quoted £636. Asked about supplying my own oil as some on here do I believe to save a few quid. Supplying my own oil knocks £136 +vat off the total so sounds like a worthwhile thing to do. I asked which oil and they told me Shell Helix low ash but...
  2. S

    Wanted: Facelift SLK55

    Hello, Already posted a while back on SLKWorld but looking for a facelift R171 (2008-2010) SLK55. Don't mind higher mileage ones as long as they have been looked after. Message me if you are thinking of selling :thumb:
  3. W

    looking to buy an R171 SLK55

    well as far as first posts go I hope this is an acceptable one :dk:! As it says on in the title I'm looking to buy an SLK55 :bannana: There are some essential items and then after that quite a few 'would be nice' Essential airscarf (this is a deabreaker!) heated seats service...
  4. N

    SLK55 seat trim plastic

    Guys I noticed the black plastic trim on the bottom of my drivers seat (below the right hand side seat bolster) had snapped at the back. The piece that has the lumber adjuster switch on the front of it. Has anybody else had this happen and do you think it would be replaced under warranty as car...
  5. N

    2014 SLK55 Outside air temp..?

    Guys, would this have been an Option as first purchase.? Seems a bit stingy to not have this on a car of that value. I do like to know how cold it is getting for safety reasons when driving. Cant seem to find one on mine..:wallbash:
  6. Grovsie31

    Anyone with a C55 SLK55 stock steering wheel interested in this?
  7. L

    2007 SLK55 AMG with P030 Pack

    Hi All, I'm Selling my 2007 SLK55 AMG. The Car has done 68k miles ,but as it is my daily driver so is might have a couple more when some one comes to look at it. However, For the last few months I have changed jobs and have been cycling and as a results my mileage has dropped so its only used at...
  8. L

    SLK55 with Kleemann headers on the Nurburgring GP track

    Tried Embed this but it didn't work Mods are : No rear mufflers Kleeman headers ECU remap (dyno'ed at 395hp) No centre resonator Secondary cats in place. P030 Pack Please ignore the sloppy driving, I didn't have much of my tires left at this point...
  9. ACID

    SLK55 AMG Remap and Dyno

    SLK55 in with us last week for a Remap and Dyno. Equipped with Shorty Headers with stock Cats. Tuned to: 310.27 Whp (366.12 Bhp) 324.25 Wtq (382.62 Ft Lbs Torque)
  10. st13phil

    Our SLK55 French Odyssey

    We did a few touring holidays in Angie’s previous R171 SLK350 (to France, Spain, Germany, and Italy), so we thought it would be nice to do a road trip this year in her new R172 SLK55. As on previous trips I did all the driving, so it gave me a great chance to get to know her new car and to...
  11. BenzedUP

    R172 slk55 amg

    I took this for a quick test drive, I wasn't planning to asp I wasn't there for this car anyway but it was parked outside and I wondered what it's like to drive compared to my R171 AMG. Wasn't overly impressed to be honest, more refined than mine, seats seem to be more comfy. Lacking in noise...
  12. R

    SLK55 172 Diff Ratio

    I'm considering fitting a Quaife ATB limited slip diff to my SLK and also lowering the final drive to improve acceleration. I believe the standard diff ratio is 2.8 and a change to 3.1 would be beneficial (to acceleration if not cruising!) Quaife cannot supply a new crown wheel and pinion...
  13. BenzedUP

    SLK55 AMG MOT Shock!!

    Because of the mods I've carried out on the car and Paul (Grovsie31) saying it will definitely fail I thought it will but to my shock I was told it sailed by the MOT with no issues at all!! Car has Kleemann headers & down pipes so no primary CATs and X piped res! Just two small secondary cats...
  14. PenelopePitstop

    SLK55 2014 onwards

    Exterior: -white, blue, red but consider other colours except black. Interior: -love beige interior but will consider grey or black without red stitching or red with good exterior combo. Must have: -airscarf -folding mirrors Nice to have: -clock -black ash wood -other extras
  15. mickt

    slk55 r172

    Just bought an SLK55 R172 2014 CAR with 10000 miles on, anything to look out for ?.
  16. C

    New SLK55 AMG owners (R171) - Few questions.

    Hey guys! I recently changed my C320CDI Sport for a low mile SLK55 AMG (R171), wanted one for years and I love it! I have trawled through the forums for a few days trying to find answers to my questions and I wanted to check a few things with owners. 1) Exhaust smoke When the car...
  17. BenzedUP

    SLK55 Kleemann engine headers

    OK, my kleemann headers will be fitted on the SLK55 in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone had this mod done? If so any feedback please? I'm very much looking forward to having them fitted and taking the car to Santa pod next year to beat my 12.6sec time from last time. I'm hoping it doesn't...
  18. P

    slk55 roof

    I am just in the process of buying a 05 slk55 amg, the roof is a bit creaky on, is this a normal for the age and if so can it easily be corrected, any advice on how would be appreciated apart from taking it to Mercedes. Thanks
  19. BenzedUP

    SLK55 AMG - PCS Res Delete

    Well I wanted to release some more V8 noise without having to remove the CATs, so after a quick online searches I decided to go for a simple resonator delete however I wasn't sure weather to go for an X pipe or H pipe. Again I did a quick online search and found for the SLK55, the X design is...
  20. BenzedUP

    F TYPE vs SLK55 AMG

    Well, a friend of mine has a 2015 F Type Coupe V6 S 380hp. Gorgeous looking machine, very well built, great ZF gear box, incredibly comfortable. We had a few 0-100 runs with my SLK55 and to my surprise the F type didn't even stand a chance, the SLK55 pulls away straight away and keeps on...
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