1. Dannyallen89

    Rubbing noise when driving slow or turning left?

    Hi all I have a slight rubbing noise on my s204 when turning left or I hear it driving around 20mph or slower can anybody shine some light into what this could be? I had new pads fitted when I bought the car but not discs I'm thinking it could need discs or cv boot needing replaced. Also I...
  2. M

    w211 Braking shimmy at slow speed

    Hi All, Having an issue with my w211 saloon, e270cdi 177k. When braking from high speed, it slows down with out any issues. Its only when going from 30-25mph to zero, is when the car whole shimmys OR weird slow shake before coming to a halt. Last mot identified a n/s/r carrier bush...
  3. M

    w215 cl500 dangerously slow acceleration

    My w215 cl500 has just started to have issues with acceleration...changed out the man sensor but the few posts I've been able to read on the internet seem to point to the accelerator pedal assembly and sensor. Can someone guide me as to how to remove the pedal assembly and sensor so i can...
  4. ringway

    BBC Radio 4 - The Uncommon Senses. Lemons are fast, Bananas are slow?

    Source BBC Radio 4. For thousands of years people thought we had 5 senses, now it's believed we have up to 33. In this new series, philosopher Barry Smith and sound artist Nick Ryan take us on a journey into the extraordinary world of sensory perception. The multisensory world is a strange...
  5. O

    Using sealant to fix a slow tyre leak

    I have a very slow leak in front tyre c. 0.5 Bar over 2 weeks and wondering if using a sealant, such as Slime, that is fed through the valve a viable fix? I am considered using Slime as it does not harm the run flat pressure sensors. I have already had the tyre refitted and the rims...
  6. M

    Analogue Clock Runs Slow

    Hi. Have been searching for an answer, but can't seem to find an answer to my problem. COMAND digital clock working fine, but analogue clock is running approx 50 mins slow. When I manually change the digital clock, the analogue clock changes time, but is still slow by the same value. Have...
  7. gr1nch

    Forum website slow, has issues ?

    For the past week or so Tapatalk on my phone has been slow when accessing the forum (or worse, not reading or uploading posts at all after timing out). I didn't think it was worth mentioning, but today I was browsing the forum via my work laptop which is very fast and noticed the website is...
  8. M

    2017 Mercedes C63s Launch Control and Drift In Slow Motion

    2017 Mercedes C63s Launch Control and Drift In Slow Motion [YOUTUBE HD]hxpZ3qfgYjc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  9. S

    Slow Acceleration on CLK 230k (w208)

    Hello,i bought a clk some months ago ,an '02 CLK 230k Everything works fine,except in some days (maybe 1 times per week or 2 max ) I wake up and go to work in the mornings as usual,i start the car,it starts normally,no unusual cranks etc but when it comes to acceleration,its very very slow,i...
  10. icewraithuk

    Viseeo MB-4 and iOS10 - slow response

    Hi, Wondering if anyone else out there is still using a MB-4 in their car and has an iPhone on iOS10? Mine used to work ok, it was never great, but since the latest update it's now really slow to respond - so when you enter the code to get Siri up, it'll take nearly a minute before the phone...
  11. R

    W210 slow cranking

    Hi My e300TD has been getting more difficult to start with the cold weather arriving. Today, with a good charged battery, it is cranking really slowly. Now if its difficult to start normally it has no hope at this speed. I was about to do the delivery valve seals, all fuel pipes already...
  12. M

    W211 - E280 Cdi Slow Starting & Smoke

    A couple of months ago i replaced the 6 glow plugs with the correct Beru ones, this took away the glow plug light that had been staying on. Now in this cold weather it taking a while to start, it coughs into life and puffs out unburnt diesel. I read this is more than likely the glow plug control...
  13. kam05

    W204 slow wipers

    Hi all Noticed this morning that the wipers on my 57 plate C220 CDI were sweeping across the screen slowing when clearing last nights mist/rain. Anyone had this happen to them before? Quick read of the forums suggest that the linkages might need oiling or worse case the wiper motor is on...
  14. T

    W212 E350 Slow To Start

    Quick question before my car runs out of warranty.... It's noticable that unlike every other car I've had in the last decade or so my E350 takes several seconds of cranking before it fires up if it has been standing in the garage for a few days. Almost as if it is having to prime with fuel...
  15. BTB 500

    Slow internet connection - ethernet card problem??

    The internet connection speed (download) has suddenly dropped on my main PC at home - is currently showing 4.69 Mbps download and 9.31 Mbps upload. If I plug the network cable into my old HP netbook instead then Speedtest on that gives a much more reasonable 38 Mbps download speed...
  16. R129Melvin

    R129 SL280 - is it really slow?

    Looking to add another one to the fleet for my brother. I have an SL500 which likes a drink but I'd be grateful if anyone can give experiences of the 280. Is it smooth? And is it very underpowered or not too bad? He's quite keen on a 1999 SL280 he has seen.
  17. F

    Auto kick down slow to respond.

    I have an E320 petrol, 03 reg., but when I need the performance on kick down , it is slow to respond. I would have thought that by flooring the accelerator the box would chose the appropriate gear to give max. acceleration. but it seems a bit hit & miss. Is it better using the gear selector to...
  18. M

    E280 cdi 2007 - Glow Plug Fault - Slow Starting

    My glow plug light stays on after the engine is started. It can also be difficult to start at times. If i give it 3 glows is usually starts quickly. I got a diagnostic done and was informed of 2 faulty plugs. Should i replace the 2 plugs or replace them all? Is is easy to do on the v6 as a diy...
  19. rom1

    heater slow to start

    Noticed when I switch the heater on on hot or cold, the fans dot start blowing air straight away it takes between 30 seconds - 1 minute before air is blown out of vents, this is not normal as previous w04 was instant. When blowing out air it is fine, does the same regardless of if its just...
  20. gunning

    My slow journey back to the army.

    Bit of a weird one for me really as I'm not the kind of guy to talk about this very often. (Especially on a motoring forum) I see this as a way of tracking my progress and being able to look back see how far I've come. With hopefully some useful input from others as there's a lot of guys on here...
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