1. R

    SLS E300 w210 problem

    Hi Guys I'm new to the forum and new to MB. I recently inherited a very nice e300 estate and I am in love..... few small problems as the car was parked up for 6 years but getting there slowly. One thing I cant seem to get to the bottom of is the SLS is not working. I had a diagnostic run and it...
  2. J

    Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series: Spotted

    Who needs forced induction ;0)
  3. dervdoc

    s210 SLS DELETE? advice

    hi all been a while seen i have been on here. so my latest predicament is my s210. all an all the self leveling suspension what pretty shot. rotten pipes, leaking shocks and shot sphere's. so pulled all out of her. i have searched for what springs an shocks can be used but results usually throw...
  4. stwat

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

  5. S

    A couple of rare R129 SLs

    This Koenig special must be fairly unusual and rare: Mercedes-Benz 500 SL König Though the power they quote (320 hp with a compressor) can't be right Body mods are Marmite! This 7.2l Lorinser must be rare too: 2001 Mercedes SL 7.2 Lorinser | Coys of Kensington I'd like to see more...
  6. M

    W124 Estate sportline SLS

    Hi Folks, New here but have read so much about this subject I'm confused and this should be a quick answer for someone. I have a 1994 W124 E320 Estate "project car" I want it lowered to look (eventually) like a E36 AMG... To date I've had fitted Sportline springs on the front with number 1...

    SLS AMG Slight Water Damage...

    :eek::crazy: IMAGINE: You Order A 571HP MERCEDES SLS Worth Over $220,000 & NEVER GET IT!!! SEE WHY! - StreetRiders
  8. Felstmiester

    Rip sls

    Oh dear!!
  9. developer

    So SLS's aren't really appreciating, are they?

    Er :crazy::eek:***id=Cj0KEQjw1ee_BRD3hK6x993YzeoBEiQA5RH_BP80P2LBZQ53GYDjBanG488UKjMLbbsVgMAROeghQswaAtrr8P8HAQ&csref=web1606080001_ppc_100616&ef_id=V90s8AAAAPW5kffT:20161009205121:s
  10. A

    Connecting an Android phone and music library to SLS Comand system

    Hi, Can anyone advise the easiest way to connect the music from my HTC Android phone to an SLS AMG Comand system? I can Bluetooth the phone but the music is not visible when I check the menu on Comand. Hard wire only?
  11. stwat

    900 HP Twin Turbo Mercedes SLS AMG - One Take [YOUTUBE HD]s6_uYa5FUkY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  12. H

    Coil converting SLS?

    My S211 rear air suspension is sagging when parked (can be either side). I'm quite tempted to just fit the Arnott coil conversion and have done with the system altogether. Has anyone here tried it? I don't use the car for towing or carrying anything really heavy.
  13. PAUL SLS

    Where do i get an sls serviced

    Ive just rang Merc for my SLS service and they want £800. any one know another place in the north west that can do it cheaper ?
  14. M

    Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Production and Driving Academy - Video

    Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Production and Driving Academy uv4GLpyrVl0
  15. merc85

    Spotted black sls

    As above Mb black drop head Sls , a120 Harwich this morning sounded awesome:rock::rock:
  16. J

    Mercedes SLS AMG: You Know You Want To

    This may interest amg fans
  17. S

    SLS owners

    From PH.
  18. reflexboy

    The blond and the SLS AMG

    It's so easy to pull a Shallow Hal blond bimbo when you have an SLS. Glad the Merc driver wised up to the girl. I just enjoyed the video for the seductive sound of the exhaust
  19. M

    W124 estate rear sls

    Hello all I have just replaced the spheres on my car. Ride all lovely again However, the sls valve will only allow the car to raise. Even when manipulated manually with the link to the Arb disconnected it will not lower. The valve was working beforehand but now it appears not to be...
  20. G

    W211 SLS spring conversion done but questions.

    I had the rear SLS on my 2003 wagon replaced by the Arnott spring kit after an airbag failed. The ride seems so much better now. I have two questions now though. The garage that did the conversion for me use AutoLogic. Is it possible with this to stop the error message I get now to 'visit...
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