1. M

    Sl55 sluggish response

    Hi all, wondering if the knowledgeable bods on here can give me a bit of advice... My SL55 has always seemed to me to have an issue with a sort of delay before accelerating. I've read a lot about the 2002 SL55 auto box being a little sluggish, but I'm convinced this is a 'Problem' rather than...
  2. C

    Automatic Transmission Sluggish

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully someone has had this issue in the past and can assist me with a resolution. I own a W215 CL500 2001 model and have an issue with the automatic transmission. The car drives well and gear changes are smooth, however when I accelerate or touch the throttle the engine revs...
  3. S

    Sluggish automatic transmission

    Hi everyone...I have not long acquired a 2008 Mercedes c220 cdi sport estate auto (5 speed) and really like the cars dynamics and road holding, but am finding the auto box rather sluggish and this is really ruining what should be a great drive, was thinking about a remap but am unsure if this...
  4. Incredible vito

    Mercedes Vito 111cdi sluggish up hill

    ok engine in starts runs but seems to be sluggish up hills the turbo only kicks in around 3k and boosts well but also sometimes the eml light comes on anyone know what this could be it has a vairiable vaine turbo but newish so thats ok
  5. S

    Just had a new alternator fitted and car now feels very sluggish!

    I have a c200 coupe 2003 the new alternator was installed, my car picked up speed fast; but now it is very sluggish and slow. Why could this be? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  6. Germplus

    gear sluggish

    Can anyone help/shed some light…? I have a C Class 220 CDi 2009 (W204 5 speed auto Gearbox). Recently on occasions I have been experiencing problems with the gearbox. The car seems to get stuck in a specific gear and won’t allow any automatic or tip-tronic gear change, even if I put my foot...
  7. Gregv2701

    Mercedes c180 acceleration difficulty

    Hi all, Brand new here, and new to the world of Mercedes! Jut purchased a 1997 Mercedes C180 Esprit. Sales went well etc and car seemed to run well. I've taken it in a few drives and have noticed a few things that I'm begging you fabulous experts can help me with: 1. Interior blower...
  8. E

    Slow to warm start and sluggish from cold.

    My W202 C230k starts fine from cold but the idle is slightly jumpy and the car feels a bit hesitant until warm. When I do a warm start it can take a few seconds to start up, but it never fails to start. Could this be the MAF? Also when I fill the car up completely, there is a strong smell of...
  9. W

    sluggish, engine, no kick down

    :bannana: Hi all I have recently had issues with my e320 where it was very sluggish and kick down stopped...
  10. G

    Very sluggish E320 with very high rev counters

    Hi...would greatly appreciate any help. My 2001 E320 has been very sluggish over the past 2 weeks and the rpm on the tachometer is very high. Even when driving at 30mph, it goes to 3000rpm. At 40mph, it goes to 4000rpm. Anything over 40mph and it clearly struggles. It's as if something is...
  11. A

    ML270 Sluggish

    Hi I've read with interest a number of posts on the subject of poor acceleration on the ML270 & a restricted top speed of 80 - 85mph. All seem to point towards the MAF. with this in mind i optimistically changed both the MAF & the air filter on my recently aquired 52 plate. Unfortunatley no...
  12. tagnut

    Sluggish gearbox when pulling away?

    Hi All, Apologies if this seems like a silly question but here goes....I have a W211 E320 cdi on a 53 plate that I have owned for about 16 months now. It has always seemed to me that when pulling away from a standstill, it takes a brief moment (about a second or so) from applying the...
  13. D

    280 W107, sluggish when cold ?

    Any thoughts as to why my 280 SL struggles on power when 1st started ? When it gets some temperature into the engine it runs so much better ?
  14. redspecial2000

    Sudden change up and sluggish running when cold

    Hi all, I've got a worsening problem with my 2005 SLK200 R171. When I start it up in the morning the idle sounds fine, I drive off in first and the autobox seems to upshift hard and a little early. If I slow in traffic when the engine temp is below 80 the car "bunny hops" a little in second...
  15. R

    C180 Sport Sluggish and cold misfire

    Hi Everyone wondering if someone could shed some light on a problem I have. The car in question is a 1999 C180 Sport that has developed a misfire when cold, yet when warm and running, it is actually fine unless you give it full throttle. Where at which point it either dies completely or becomes...
  16. raj-e

    95, E300 Diesel. NOISY + SLUGGISH + OTHER

    Hi folks, 1. ive been having a few problem with the e300 diesel (non turbo) for the past few months. basically im getting a really annoying machine gun/woodpecker tapping coming from the engine no matter if the car is hot/cold or low/high rpm. it sounds like an old pushrod engine with...
  17. david55amg


    hi all. I have a 320 v6 petrol clk and wondered if anyone has experienced a feeling of low down torque? it all feels good, smooth and revving ok but sometimes you put your foot down and it seems to bog down. There's no smell or roughness, just lack of power :crazy: about 18 months ago, I fitted...
  18. Donza

    E320 CDi sluggish - cold weather..

    First winter with the E320 cdI. Noticably sluggish at startup and takes longer to warm up than my A4 TDi. The cold weather makes you appreciate how noisy the diesel is also! Does anyone have problems with starting the CDi's on here in the freezing cold? any mis-fires? My Audi mis-fires now...
  19. W

    C220 Sports Coupe Sluggish

    Hello, We have a C220 Sports Coupe (Automatic) 143bhp. When the engine is warmed up and you are moving, the performance is fine. However, the card is incredably slow to react from a standing start (and is worse when the engine is cold) and I believe this car is known for being sluggish...
  20. J

    w202 c180 sluggish gearbox

    Hi All. My w202 c180 94 is all good although I have noticed the gearbox doesn't like kickdown. It is foot to the floorboards in 3rd to get to 2nd and in 4th it won't kick down at all ( when manually change to 3rd it is about 4000rpm so a bit to go). The car will redline and pulls very well. 1st...
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