1. J

    Small rip in e class leather seats

    Hi all. i just bought an e class and at the time of purchase it wasnt visible that there is a rip in the drivers leather seats. i bought it home yesterday and was sunny in an open car park and noticed there is a slight tear in the leather seats. is there anyway i can get it repaired...
  2. carguy

    small dent interior

    Hi, I have somehow managed to dent the metal lid that covers the twin cupholders in the centre console on a 2016 E Class Cabrio. This is presumably the position in which earlier year versions of the same car had the auto gearbox & lever. If I open the metal tray, the cupholders pop-up into...
  3. N

    Small engined automatic, under 8 y.o.

    Anyone got a small engined automatic Yaris, Polo, Fiesta, Corsa or something like that for sale? Diesel or petrol, don't care. Needs to be 8 y.o. or younger. Thanks.
  4. 4

    w211 small black button ???

    What is this little buddy under gear shifter near the seat ??
  5. T

    W212 small coolant loss advice

    Hi All I have a 61 plate W212 E250 purchased as an approved used, I've had it for nearly 12 months without issue, a couple of weeks ago however I got a coolant warning light come on, took it into the dealer who topped it up, they were too busy to do any further checks. I then took it into...
  6. A

    Small car for the wife

    Hiya all I'm after a small car for the wife who has a £8000 budget. Been looking through auto trader for the last 3 days and think I've narrowed it down to a Corsa, Polo, C3,or a fiesta. Can anyone recommend any others I should consider ie any of the Japanese ones not had any experience with...
  7. G

    Small Black Car - What Colour Wheels?

    I'm [finally] going to get the wheels on my A200 C169 refurbished (actually it's a swap, but I got a choice of colours). The wheels are 18" AMG type III. I've already painted the calipers red this summer. So far I'm inclined to go high gloss anthracite, here's a mockup (front wheel...
  8. D

    New cl600 . Small problems

    Well I've had my 05 cl600 for couple weeks now. Great to drive. But it has a few issues I want to sort. Outside temp and fuel display on cluster are unreadable. Tyre pressure indicator keeps telling me to drive to dealer. And it has a rear end vibration above 70. And it only has one key. So I...
  9. MercedesDriver

    Small car quest

    The time has come to look for something Small for daily city, school and tube runs. Boot space must be big enough for two reusable shopping bags, you know the one for £1 from supermarkets, and 12 pints. Fun, this is a MUST (high revs, short gears) Petrol or Diesel, I don’t care as long...
  10. Rob77

    Best small tv?

    Anyone? Virgin media has just hooked up my street and offered me a good deal. Part of it includes a 2nd tivo box for another room. I've never had a 2nd tv before and so I'm looking for something more attractive than the black plastic things I'm seeing everywhere. And I'm not a fan of big...
  11. G

    Small business website required

    I need a small business website put together, only a few pages and even a smaller store (less than 10 items). Would need it to display nicely on various platforms, including iPhone / iPad, etc. Corp ID (logo, typeface, branding) already in place. Domain is registered with 1&1, but can...
  12. Charles Morgan

    Anyone have someone who can anodise in small quantities?

    I have a few bits of anodised aluminium on my W114 coupe that could do with repair and re-anodising and so far enquiries have led me nowhere. Anyone used an anodiser they can recommend who will deal with a few bits and pieces?
  13. ringway

    Small Air Compressor Advice.

    I need a small but powerful air compressor. It won't be used to power any tools but will be used for blasting dust out of nooks and crannies. Adjustable pressure and a long hose would be ideal. The less expensive, the better. :thumb: TIA. Paul.
  14. M

    GARMIN MAP PILOT 2014 Europe - unable to update since the card is too small

    Hi all, So got this and I need to update. It's 2014 MAP PILOT EUROPE and the car is C200. Pretty sure this thing has not been updated ever since my car was manufactured or when it went in the car (09-2015). I put it in my laptop, and it shows me that the map update itself is something like...
  15. andy27168

    CLS55 small indash sampling fan/sensor

    Hi, There is a small fan behind the lower dash trim to the left and just below the instrument cluster indicated by a small round grill, I believe it is for air sampling for the climate control system (had a similar one in the 202 in the interior light panel by the rear view mirror) and as my...
  16. T

    Small misfire when warm W169 A150

    Hi My wife's A150 has a very small misfire, or more like an intermittent judder (very small) when the engine is warmed up. You can only really feel it when sat in traffic or when cruising at a constant speed. The rev counter doesn't even dip when it occurs but it is just noticeable. We still...
  17. merc85

    Small GTG Pre Facelift and Faclift s211 Cdi's :)

    Had a meet up with fellow member Herishi, after we had both detailed the Merc's. Herishi's is a 2006/7 e280 cdi v6, on the Left, and My 2003 (53) e320 cdi I6 on the right. Its was great to see both together and see what exactly the subtle changes were.;)
  18. MSG2004

    Small ding/dent and chip - Best way forward?

    Hello Was cleaning our new gle, bought last Thursday. Noted a small ding and appropriately 1mm of paint missing. The indentation is round, front drivers door, about 18 inches off the ground inch below the contour line and 12 inches in from door edge. The ding is 12mm max and round and notice...
  19. MSG2004

    Small ding/dent and chip repairs.

    Hello Was cleaning our new gle, bought last Thursday. Noted a small ding and appropriately 1mm of paint missing. The indentation is round, front drivers door, about 18 inches off the ground inch below the contour line and 12 inches in from door edge. The ding is 12mm max and round and...
  20. I

    Requires small amount of welding for MoT!!

    Mercedes-Benz 200 pillerless coupe hedge find | eBay Ideal winter project, comes with free DIY Divorce Guide!
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