1. J

    Smart-Nav UK

    Anyone out there any experience with this supplier? Does it worths the bother? It came with the car I bought and obviously the subscription ran out and therefore does not work. It is another money grabbing company or stick with Tomtom or Garmin fared better.:dk:
  2. R

    Smartnav day!

    I had Smartnav, Safe speed, and Trackstar fitted today and it is utterly brilliant!!! :bannana: :bannana: Just wanted to tell someone!
  3. R


    I looking into Smartnav as I cant face fitting command to a w202! (I'm not as brave as Shude!) Has anyone got it fitted, what do you think of it, what options did you get with the package, anything else I need to know?? .........oh and where did they fit "The Button"? (Photo?) Thanks in...
  4. Guy

    SmartNav by TrafficMaster

    Satellite navigation with tailback avoidance, the option of GPS fixed camera warning, Tracker system. Unit is £499, then annual subs or pay as you go... Demo here If I add up the cost of Comand (Dynamic Routing still not up and running), OBi, and Tracker Horizon...this looks like a...
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