1. M

    Cyclist Mirror Smash On News

    Hello all, Did you see the news about that road rage incident with the cyclist who smashed his bike lock through a car where a baby was in the back. I think they are looking for the cyclist but its going to be tough to catch him with no CCTV etc. This is why cyclists need to have the same...
  2. J

    Had a smash tonight - Stupid lorry

    On way home tonight, driving along on M25, minding my own business, then wham. HGV hits my rear Right. Happened so quickly, he was changing lanes. Traffic was quite heavy, only doing about 30mph. But the shunt was quite hard. Damage to bumper, lights cracked etc. He comes out his cab and...
  3. T

    My beautiful car - Motorway smash PIC!!

    Guys, My pride & joy S211 2003 E270CDI, was rear ended on the M4 today. Was stopped in traffic, but the guy 2 cars back did not!! He smacked into the car behind me, who then smacked into me, & I kissed the car in front!!! To say I was p**ssed off, was an understatement!!! I really hope she...
  4. chriswt

    Smash, park and walk off + silver lining

    My current site office overlooks a car park which houses cars belonging to probably the worst set of drivers I’ve ever seen but that’s another post. Yesterday a woman while trying to park her car lurched forward into the side of another parked car. Having witnessed the whole thing I hurriedly...
  5. WDB124066

    Kiwis smash world speed record... in a Mini!

    Kiwis smash world speed record... in a Mini - Motoring - NZ Herald News
  6. S

    Near smash

    I was nearly driven into by some effing clown today, I was driving alone in my side of the road about 40mph innocently enough (in a 60) and this person was too, but coming straight towards me. I braked and hit the horn and they swerved out of the way, but if they hadn't we'd have still collided...
  7. Mercedes cozy

    Mercedes E220cdi W210 Breaking Parts Spares Front Smash

    PM me if you require parts or want to buy the whole car
  8. Steve_Perry

    4am Smash and Grab :o(

    Well following on from Scott's experience half an hour ago was my turn. :mad: Just before 4am my driver's window was smashed and my Road Angel was stolen from the front dash. :( The car was parked on my drive and in a quiet neighbourhood, this is the first crime I've experienced in 7 years of...
  9. scotth_uk

    4:10am smash and grab :-(

    Well, it had to happen. The Crossfire is going back to the leasing company on Wednesday next week, and just when I thought things were going really well.....I was awoken by the sound of breaking glass and the car alarm at 4:10 this morning. I sleep lightly enough to bolt into action at...
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