1. Satch

    £3m car gang smashed

    London's most prolific car theft gang has been smashed. Police estimate they stole 1,000 cars valued at about £3.5 million in only six months. Their favourite car was the Mercedes Benz. Thieves simply used low-lifter trucks to move the cars out of their parking spaces, often outside the...
  2. scotth_uk

    Smashed AM Vanquish

    Smashed AM Vanquish (no pics) Was just heading up to the shops a few minutes back and there are some roundabouts along the road to Beckton that encourage you to hang the tail out a little....... :devil: Turned off the traction control, started to accelerate after entering the corner, and all...
  3. BaldGuy

    Smashed Benz!!!

    Well I'm heading out at 7:30 this evening to get a mag from the local shop when I come down to the end of a one way street in my home town which meets another one way street where you have to turn right....I look both ways and nothing coming so I pull out only to have the front of my Benz taken...
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