1. 5

    Strange smell of fuel after driving for a while

    Has anyone got any experience of an intermittent smell of fuel after driving for some time. I get a very strong smell, but can’t see where its coming from? This is normally after the engine is warmed up and has been driven for at least an hr or so? Im wondering if its the injector O-rings which...
  2. J

    W211 om642 exhaust smell interior

    When idling I can smell exhaust fumes in the cabin goes away with the recirc button and when moving. Checked the exhaust at the rear no leaks or soot deposits on the egr pipe, turbo to cat, manifold inlet pipes to turbo. It's quite choking! Changed the charcoal cabin filter and it blocked the...
  3. T

    leaking injector seal

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 E220 Elegance. I managed to diagnose a leaking injector seal (aka the black death) and got it replaced and cleaned up at Cambridge Injectors (Stuart was brilliant - would recommend). However it still has the horrible coal like smell inside when I have the blowers on...
  4. T

    Diesel Smell inside cabin (W212 E350cdi)

    My seven year old Mercedes E350cdi has developed an odd problem where there is a smell of diesel fuel in the car when the engine is running and the car is stopped. Truth be told it smells more of exhaust/diesel fumes. Now when the car is moving the smell vanishes but when stopped at the lights...
  5. GLK

    Faint hot metal smell at speed?

    I recently noticed a very faint hot metal smell at speed, say over 90mph - on private roads, naturally ... :crazy: Is it ball bearings? - I had OSF replaced a few month ago. I also think it is when the S mode is selected, although I haven't driven in C mode for a while, other than in town...
  6. A

    Vilest of smell

    Does my Air con need re-gassing? Only when I first turn it on for the first couple of minutes it pumps out a vile odour Smells like baby sick if you know what I mean. Cheers Ben :thumb:
  7. J

    Hot oily Smell CLS 500 ?

    Hi, I have a 2008 CLS 500 (5.5 M273 engine), a while back I had a hot oil smell every time I drove it, turns out it was the cam blanking plug on the right hand bank, changed that and the strong oil smell went away. Apart from occasionally I get a similar smell, but not as strong when its been...
  8. Druk

    Burnt rubber smell.

    No jokes about excess friction please :p (this means you Paul) So, on exiting the car (S212) there is a distinct smell of burning rubber from the rear O/S tyre area. Doesn't seem to matter if I've driven 10 miles or 100. Been under and over everything and can find nothing hot or rubbing...
  9. shanksy

    W124 e220 - Fuel Smell

    Hi All, I have the e220 W124 coupe with the M111 engine. The other day I noticed a very strong petrol smell in the cabin whenever I accelerated hard. I initially put it down to an outside smell, however, noticed over the next couple of journeys that wherever I was, as soon as I got in the...
  10. T

    E55 Fuel Smell

    OK so im just about to go on hols and theres a massive smell of fuel in the cabin from the air vents. Ive got a local looking tomorrow, seems to be coming from the right side of the engine (facing car),. Any thoughts? thanks
  11. A

    E280 CDI Hissing and nasty smell

    With no prior warning, at the end of a 400 mile journey my E280 CDI was hissing loudly from the rear and smelling of cabbages. The hissing (and smell) persisted for some minutes after switching the engine off. Is this the catalytic converter? Or something else? Thanks for any thoughts.
  12. nickjonesn4

    rotten egg smell E55 part 2

    So had the exhaust checked and nothing wrong with it and the smell has vanished... until today I put the a/c into the windscreen de-mist function and the rotten egg smell was back instantly. Could it be something up with the a/c or heater? Any help much appreciatd
  13. F

    300SL-24 1991 Vibrating at idle + fuel smell in exhaust

    After a long search, I found this article ( which describes the symptoms of my car: - vibrating at idle when engine is warm - fuel smell in exhaust - some loss of power at low refs (not sure of this...
  14. F

    Smell of hot rubber

    << that car. Nearside rear wheel area smells of rubber after a short run and parked up. It is not always there, just around every other trip. Tyre and brake disc appear to be cool, nothing touching tyre. Parking brake works just fine, though does seem to not 'always' release on first...
  15. P

    WANTED-Audi leather smell

    Sat in a q7 recently and the leather smell was really nice, no air fresheners etc. I do need to clean my w211 leather as its not been touched since I bought it so Is there any way to get a nice long lasting smell. PS Any new Mercedes that smell nice?
  16. Braincrank

    intermittent smell of burning oil ...

    Hello there, right, I have another issue with my old 124 /-: Every so often, since a couple of months ago, I get a smell of burning oil in the car. It appears suddenly and then it's gone again. The oil level is not dropping faster then would be expected with an engine that's done over 100k so...
  17. D

    E350 rubber smell and high revs

    hi had my E350 2010 for two months and when i bought it the service indicator read A7 service. i called a local MB dealer and asked what was carried out on this service., normal stuff plus transmission oil change. the dealer i bought it off said they will be caryring out the service and i did...
  18. J

    CL55k fuel smell at the rear

    Hi Everyone, Looking for your collective thoughts and experience on a recent issue..... been driving the car this week as per usual and have noticed when I shut the engine down after a normal journey, I get a strong petrol smell coming from the back of the car - drivers side.....I've let the...
  19. B

    Oily smell

    Hey. I keep getting an oily whiff in the cabin of my car. C55 AMG W203. Not always, but enough to warrant me putting an air freshener in. Is this normal for these? It runs fine, no unusual noises or knocking, and no sign of leaks on my drive. Am I just being paranoid? Not overly bothered if its...
  20. L

    Bleeding valve

    Hello guys. I recently smell diesel coming from my engine. I take out the engine cover and I saw dropping some diesel from this pipe. What can I do with this part because I can't change it for the moment. It is a serious trouble or it is not? Thank you.
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