1. D

    Strange smells

    I have a vase of daffodils on my desk this morning and they smell strongly of ginger, I wasn't expecting that. I've recently discovered that the yellow flowers on gorse bushes smell of coconut when in direct sunlight. Any others?
  2. ioweddie

    My new W205 Smells hot does yours?

    My sport line estate c220d smells hot after driving, dealer suggested it might be the particulate filter as these get up to 600 degrees c Got to take it in next week to get checked, just wondered if any one else had noticed theirs smelling hot?
  3. K

    W211 2005 E320cdi smells of diesel

    Dear all, I have a 2005 E320cdi Estate with 125,000 miles, full service history etc. I've noticed lately that the engine sounds a bit louder than normal and that it's starting to smell of diesel inside and outside especially when idling. I'm wondering if this is common or if something's...
  4. C

    2001 320 CDI s210 smells strange

    Hello, when I start my s210 it smells strange, not a toasted smell. It could be the catalyst? V belt is ok. Filters are all new except the active carbon, but the smell is out of the car. Many thanks
  5. SPX

    Air Conditioning Smells A Bit Strange

    When I first turn the Air Con on, it emits a rather unpleasant smell at first. The best way to describe the smell is you know when you were younger and you'd go to see a really old relative, well it's that smell...;) Will it be the Pollen filters?
  6. M

    c220 cdi 2003, tapping noise and smells from heaters

    hi, i just wondered if anyone can help, my 2003 c220 cdi has just started to make a tapping noise from the engine when running, wheb i put the heaters on i got a strong smell coming through, it is a kind of burning smell, i topped it up with oil as it needed 1 litre, the car has done 90,000 Has...
  7. M

    My drill smells like my old Scalextric

    I have a reliable Dewalt DW907 (type 1) which whilst still working perfectly has started to smell. What is causing this and can I replace it or will I have to buy a new one?
  8. D

    Heater smells

    :bannana:Would welcome any advice on whether I need to replace the pollen filters. Have a odd smell like perfume when the heater is running hot or cold and vented to come through to windscreen or vents. seems ok when blowing on floor. Also where are they on a 2004 W203cdi.thanks in advance
  9. jukie

    Smells like peardrops

    No, not a "Weird Al" song!! '06 A180CDi. Last couple of weeks, a smell not dissimilar to peardops has been rather prevalent in the cabin. Not had chance to look under the bonnet for any obvious signs. Car runs fine, everything works, no warning lights. Any ideas? :dk: TIA, David.
  10. MSG2004

    Getting rid of cig smells

    Hello A party yesterday and had to give a smoker a lift. He did not smoke in the car as I did not allow it, but his clothes stunk. I got in the car this morning & it smelled. Sprayed Oust, sot & hard surface bacteria killer but smell was still there when i checked. I hate cig semlls...
  11. gina2201

    Microwave smells

    Rather than join a microwave forum I thought I'd ask here. My sister rather intelligently microwaved a slice of chocolate fudge cake for over 4 minutes and made a terrible smell and mess inside my mum's brand new microwave!:eek: We have tried using vinegar and lemon but to no success...the...
  12. A

    Oil smells of petrol?

    Hi, I'm a little concerned by my e240's oil which smells strongly of petrol. I'm not sure what would cause this? The coolant is clear with no gunge and there seems to be no imulsion on the oil cap. I'm not sure if this is signifiacant but after a short journey the fuel filler cap hisses when...
  13. T

    A/C Musty Smells, Air filters & Drain Tubes

    I have the classic musty smell for about 5-10 mins after the A/C is switched off. I have replaced the pollen filter (in the passenger well) and have tried two different aerosoles ( a Comma product and one from Euro car parts), both have helped but not eliminated the problem. I have two questions...
  14. N

    Aircon smells like stale 'wee-wee'!!!

    My W210 1998 aircon smells really bad for about 20 secs after turning on then is absolutely fine but this happens every time you get in the car!!! I have just had the pollen filter changed which I understand can cause 'odd' smells so it can't be that, any other ideas as although it only lasts...
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