1. grober

    Smith and Sniff

    Jonny Smith (@carpervert)FIFTH GEAR and Richard Porter (@sniffpetrol) TOP GEAR drive around in a big Jag XJR talking about Opel Mantas, Quentin Willson steering, an Irish man with an unusual name, and having a wee in front of a helicopter gunship. If the banter sounds familiar Richard Porter...
  2. ringway

    Juzzie Smith - One Man Band.

    I got this by text from Big Un a while ago. :) RcrujO7lKsA&nohtml5=False
  3. BTB 500

    DJ & presenter Mike Smith dies

    Only 59 BBC News - Mike Smith, former Radio 1 DJ, dies aged 59
  4. W

    John smith

    Hi there I'm a new member from Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire. Own a year 2000, clk320 cab which I've owned from new, 75k miles.I now keep the car in Spain and drive it back through France to the uk every year for its mot etc. Before I retired I was always to busy to use the car properly, it sat...
  5. bes1110

    Mel smith RIP.

    Mel Smith died today. Not the nine o'clock news, Classic comedy.
  6. martyz

    Mel Smith Dies

    Breaking news,Mel Smith comic dies of heart attack aged 60. Very funny man,R.I.P
  7. C

    Delia Smith sings
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