1. N

    Mercedes Sprinter White Diesel smoke dpf?

    Hello guys/girls, I am hoping you can help I have a 515 Mercedes sprinter minicoach and it is occasionally kicking out putrid white smoke on idle, the oil level was also rising.. the garage says the dpf is not blocked but I've only had the problems since they replaced the catalytic convertor...
  2. M

    M113k light smoke coming from exhaust

    Hi Hope everyone is doing well, I need some help please. Yesterday I realised slight smoke coming from the exhaust so when I opened the bonnet and removed the engine cover I realised oil residue around the rocker cover. Am I right to assume that the rocker cover is leaking around the seal...
  3. Richard1973

    Return of the black smoke!

    Have finally ordered my replacement egr and manifold, but noticed the other day that the air filter indicator has gone to red. Reset it and straight away back to red indicating it's blocked but the filter is nearly new. I'm now wondering if there is another problem on the inlet side , but what...
  4. T

    C220 Black Smoke (W203)

    I have a problem with my 2005 C220 which results in a puff of black smoke on initial acceleration. Once up to speed there is no/very little smoke. I've had the car for 6 months. The person before me had a remap (which I know can cause overfueling thus black smoke) but I hadn't noticed it until...
  5. C

    Grey/Black smoke

    I have a CLK270 2004 Auto 103,000 mls which has been serviced regularly by Mercedes & just had a B service. my issue is when I pull away & also as it changes gear I have puffs of Grey/back smoke come from the exhaust does anyone have any advice please?:confused:
  6. developer

    Is This GTechniq All Smoke And Mirrors?

    I filmed this a few days ago. The car was treated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum 25 months ago. I've never polished, waxed or even dried the car since (though I do use a DI vessel during washing/rinsing). I'd say, taking into account the labour cost and material cost of the more...
  7. K

    SL400 2016 Sport+ Mode - Grating noise and smoke

    Maybe someone has had a similar problem. Relates to 2016, May, SL400 – 8,000 miles on clock. I have had the car for last 4 weeks. Have experienced the following problem yesterday and today. Yesterday, whilst doing a hard acceleration in sport+ mode had a momentary grating sound (I liken...
  8. L

    W210 smoke issue after changing high pressure fuel pump seals.

    Hi, Need massive help from you guys if possible please? I have W210 320cdi. High pressure fuel pump started leaking. So I changed all the seals and it's fixed now. HOWEVER!! since then it's causing blue (ish) smoke. Before sorting the high pressure fuel pump it had no smoke issue at all. My...
  9. Richard1973

    W210 320cdi smoke.

    Well, it seems like the car is taking a dislike to me! Changed the thermostat today, and yes, managed to break the crappy plastic fuel line. Fortunately Drayton had one on the shelf. It is running better now and fuel consumption is better. Problem now is it is black smoking and lacking any real...

    Smoke Emmission

    Smoke emission.So when going up hill black smoke,car tends to surge,foot down surge goes,but plenty of smoke behind,all filters have been changed,car still returns aprox 40MPG + on a run,thinking is MAP Sensor or the Air Flow Sensor.on the level road no problems.:doh:
  11. Shmeefly

    W211 E320 V6 Petrol Plumes Of White Smoke Help

    Hi Guys Fired my merc up the other day and drove it down the road to find it was bellowing out loads of white smoke ??? I have had problems with loosing oil after a bodge job with removing the sump and wrong gasket compound used and two loose bolts at front of sump, I also had a huge rock...
  12. R

    8 Holes / 15 Holes - In smoke silver ?

    Hello, Has anyone wet painted a set in this finish ? I have been at my cousins unit - and a guy asked the question ... He has been refurbishing the remainder of his stock of 15 and 8 hole Merc alloys. I would love to see any pictures of "different" colours, used on these styles of...
  13. N

    2012 C250 Coupe Black Smoke Problem

    Hi all, first post so hoping you guys can help. I've recently purchased this car and it has a full Mercedes service history and has been really well looked after. 114,000 miles I've had it for 4 weeks and 2 weeks ago I had the car remapped from a well reviewed garage and I've noticed great...
  14. I

    E220 W211 2002 White/Grey Smoke

    Hello we have a e class e220 2002 in the family and it is giving out a lot of white/grey smoke. the smoke starts as soon as you start the car and gets worse as the car warms up coolant hasn't moved an inch we had it diagnosed by the following merc specialist : he said star is...
  15. M

    Smoke and diesel knock after warm up

    Help. While cold perfect (about 5mins). Then smoke with loads of soot in it. After further few minutes a diesel knock and missing lumpy drive. Not sure if it's fuel related or head gasket/ cracked block etc. It's started while driving along. Fine, been driving for an hour or so then loads of...
  16. M

    W211 - E280 Cdi Slow Starting & Smoke

    A couple of months ago i replaced the 6 glow plugs with the correct Beru ones, this took away the glow plug light that had been staying on. Now in this cold weather it taking a while to start, it coughs into life and puffs out unburnt diesel. I read this is more than likely the glow plug control...
  17. B

    E280 CDI difficult cold start/white smoke

    Ever since the temperatures dropped (they are about 18*C in my garage so I wouldn't classify them as low) I started noticing the engine takes a few cranks to start. When I take the car out of the garage and the temperature is around 5-10*C, there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust the...
  18. C

    Thin white vapour like smoke on cold days

    On cold days like today there's a thin misty like white smoke coming out of the exhaust on my clk when idling Nothing while driving and nothing on warm days Only happens when cold Is this normal? The outside temperature is 11C as shown on the dash. Worried it's head gasket but check...
  19. Q

    White smoke from exhaust low engine oil

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and Mercedes Benz. I have purchased an W211 e320 CDI sport from 2009 with 40k miles on the clock last month. Last week I have taken my car to a local MB specialist for an oil and oil filter change. I have since done a road trip of 400 miles. After starting...
  20. S

    w221 S320cdi white/blue smelly smoke / poor fuel economy

    Hi Guys, I've had my S class for about a year now and have noticed from the start there is substantial white smoke on cold starts or when sitting in traffic. The smoke stinks and I can only imagine it is diesel which isn't being burned. I know from the previous owner that the car had the...
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