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    W164 smokes at idle

    Hi folks I have an ML280CDI in the Dominican Republic. I'm a Brit expat living over here. The Merc dealers are few and far between so I prefer to do most of my own maintenance, as I don't trust most Dominican mechanics. I'm fairly handy at turning a spanner, but I think I need some advice...
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    1984 280SL smokes

    I have a 1984 280SL ,with 185000 KMS on the clock.When driving at at a speed above 90KMS PER HOUR and I decellerate and then accellerate a puff of smoke comes out of the exhaust. I was told it is the valve stem seals,had the cylinder head redone ,new valve stem seals fitted ,all genuine parts...
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    c220 cdi smokes

    hi i am new to the forum. just got a 220 cdi off a friends son 51 reg no mot and rusty arches ect with fumes in the cabin, removed engine cover ,BLACK DEATH around number 4 injector, spent an age trying to get it out and managed to snap the bolt *******, so i called in a gent from ebay who...
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    E220CDI Estate Smokes

    I have a Sept. 2001 E220CDI Estate Auto. I bought the car with 5K miles on it in April 2002. It now has 74K (Nov 2003). At about 40K miles all four glow plugs had to be replaced and the catalytic converter. Today I had another plug go (warning light stays on). The car has also for the last...
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