1. P

    Smokin' hot C43......

    Oh dear, I do hope the car doesn't belong to someone on here..... Dramatic moment Mercedes supercar bursts into flames ? just before handover to new owner - Huddersfield Examiner
  2. S

    Smokin 300td

    Well I thought it was the MAF playing up, but after changing it for a used one that proved to be faulty,(once fitted would not tick over and kept cutting out) and having changed all filters it seemed to be running better. My old MAF runs the car fine until it warms up then starts chugging and...
  3. kikkthecat

    R.I.P. Smokin' Joe

    I Just woke to the sad news that Smokin' Joe Frazier has passed away. Olympic gold medal winner, World heavyweight champion, the 1st man to beat Mohammed Ali and one of the top 3 heavyweights of the 60's and 70's. Cancer was the one fight he couldn't win and it's a real loss to the world...
  4. grober

    Smokin' Sony!

    Sony is to offer free safety checks on several of its TV models after a number of sets started smoking. The company warned that a component used in eight different versions of its Bravia televisions may be faulty and could, in rare cases, overheat. However, it stopped short of issuing a full...
  5. biturbo

    S600 Biturbo Smokin,

    Well the vibration still is there, slightly better after engine out and new gasket to manifold. In with the dealers next week to check it once and for all. The guys a MB motors in Chester have been completely a joke to be honest. I have given them the benefit of the doubt but its truely amazing...
  6. O

    smokin on acceleration

    my e320"1999" is smokin on acceleration,old dear was huggin my rear bumper yesterday and decided to "lose her" (she was in a tiny daihatsu,or something) so wellied it and couldnt see her for black smoke? it was great fun but why the smoke??
  7. Doodle


    Following on from Howard's gearbox thread and to keep Olly happy :D here's a thread for the SL, which has started smoking during and after a good run. It seems to waft up from the back of the engine bay, and lasts for 5mins after parking up. Current suspects in my mind are either the sound...
  8. guydewdney

    Smokin' - just slapped on my first patch...

    worried - have just slapped on the first of the patches from Nicotinell (the bigg 'un) I smoke(d) rollies for the last year, was on 20+ a day before that. Have been meaning to do this for ages, just never had the balls to actually do it - which is pathetic really isn't it? Watch out for...
  9. KillerHERTZ


    This morning at work, this Huge Bumble Bee decides it has nothing better to do, than fly into our office. After a few laps causing everyone to freak out, it flys up to one of the Halogen wall lamps and disapears. After 30 secs or so we could see a small flame and smoke bellowing out...
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