1. alistairgd

    SMS messages not appearing in-car

    About a year ago the SMS messages from my bluetooth connected iphone stopped displaying on the incar screen. Anyone know how to get this working again? Thanks.
  2. reflexboy

    SMS read aloud by Command

    Evening all-when my Command reads a text message out aloud it always ends the sentence with a word that sounds like "dart". Any idea what this is and does yours do it too?
  3. A

    2012 C180 Bluetooth audio and SMS with iPhone

    Hi, We've just picked up out C180 Estate and very happy we are too. Two initial questions... With an iPhone connected to comand unit, can I play music through the bluetooth? Also why are SMS messages not showing on the display. I've no idea how to tell you what model has been spec'd in...
  4. B

    Upgraded Blackberry 10 software stopping bluetooth reading of sms

    Had this problem over the last few days. Audio 20 says new sms but when you click on it it says no text messages. Anyone else had this or found a solution (and don't say get rid of the blackberry)
  5. normanh


    Changed my iPhone 5 for a new one due to a fault now can't get sms msgs through command. Notifications on in Bluetooth but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated oh did get them with old iphone5 !!
  6. Rctaylor1966

    Moved from iPhone 4S to Galaxy S3 Mini on W246 Audio 20 and SMS notification works

    Ell my iPhone 4s finally died and I decided to go down the Android route I was pleasantly surprised to find the car links in via Bluetooth to the phone and it all works first time i.e. Phone, Contacts, SMS and Music Streaming Seems the issue was with iPhone after all. :-)
  7. N7USY

    Facelift r230 sl SMS problems

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, so hope all is as it should be. I have just purchased a 2010 sl350 and I am having problems with the SMS feature. I can see the car supports this, but it will not let me select this feature. I took it into MB Leeds and they said it could be iOS 7...
  8. B

    iPhone SMS

    According to Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth Connectivity, my 61 reg C class should be able to read the sms from an iPhone 5s Can anyone with an iPhone and a similar age car confirm this as I do not seem to be able to read any SMS
  9. B

    W204 SMS Feature only Working Intermittently

    I have the Feature on My W204 Comand where it shows the SMS Messages from My Samsung Galaxy S4. When My Phone connects it asks for permission to access my messages (MAP) which I accept but 50% of the time it shows messages fine but the other 50% of the time it shows No Messages Anyone...
  10. RTaylor

    Audio 20 SMS function not working with iPhone 4S

    Well, I arrived at the dealers this morning and sat around for about 1.5 hours while they checked the software versions on my car etc. Long and short of it the software is apparently up to date and the service rep says he has the exact same issue and he doesnt 'think' it will work. Even when I...
  11. B

    iPhone 5 - Audio 20 - SMS

    Hi All, Very odd sound from the Audio this morning. A text message on the car's display!!! Had the IOS 6.1 update on the phone this morning, I can read text messages through theAudio 20.
  12. zenman63

    SMS on ntg 2.5

    Can you get the SMS to work on the NTG 2.5 with an iphone 4 ?
  13. bpsorrel

    SMS offer on E Class

    Anyone else received an amazing money off offer from MB via SMS? This is it: "Save £7310 on E Class from Mercedes-Benz at Milton Keynes. Limited availabilty, colours and spec. Take advantage of this never to be repeated offer now!" Hmmm, sounds interesting!
  14. P

    SMS with Comfort phone

    Hi Every one I have just got the car back from MB and they fixed the Comfort phone and it works OK, on the phone menu at the bottom in the middle there is SMS (text) when i click on it a messages comes up saying no SMS messages. can anyone help I'm using a iPhone 3gs. Also I'm going to get...
  15. E

    Audio 20 SMS messages

    I have an e350cdi with audio 20 and telephone prewire, it says in the manual that the audio 20 can read SMS messages when connected to the phone cradle. I have an iPhone and whenever I try it says no messages. Does anyone have a phone where this feature works?
  16. E

    Reading SMS on COMAND

    I have a W204 with COMAND. In the manual it says I can read my texts on the screen. This is true, but it can only display texts within the "SIM Message" folder. All the texts I receive do not go onto this folder. Nokia say the SIM Message is for service messages sent by the network. Is there...
  17. M

    Loosing SMS' when phone is connected to BT

    Hiya, My wife drive's a 57 plate ML320 sport with command. She uses the BT module to connect up her mobile, its the one the looks like the SLR. When she recieves a text message with the phone connected they get lost. I've had a search on the forum and it seems other people have had issues...
  18. imadoofus

    BT SMS Delivery Service

    I've just had a robot call from "The BT SMS Delivery Service" telling me to press 1 to hear the message. So I did, and apparently I was excellent last night, and I can expect a call tomorrow. I'm not on BT, so I assume it's a scam. What's it about then? PJ
  19. N

    How reliable is SMS text messaging?

    I hardly ever text anybody so don't know a whole hell of a lot about the way it works. Has anybody who is familiar with it ever come across this sort of thing before? Recently I drove 100 miles one way to look at a car with a friend & his elderly mother for whom the car was intended. We...
  20. gary350

    Premium phone sms scam

    It works like this you get an irate woman on your mobile yelling that you have stolen her fathers mobile after a few seconds she switches off, do not be tempted to call back to explain why you have not got her old mans phone or you will be hooked into premium calls usually lottery results sms to...
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