1. jaymanek

    Problem with Email Sending SMTP Port

    Guys spent all morning trying to sort this out... cant seem to fathom it. My mercland email is hosted by emails are not sending through windows live (like outlook) Its coming up with an error 0x800CCC0B The outgoing mail port is 25.. upon the recommendation of...
  2. Spinal

    Open Mail Relay (smtp)

    I need some quick help... I'm setting up a scanner, but I need an open mail relay to send the emails through. I'll eventually set one up at home, but for the time being, I;ll just use one... Does anyone know of one, and does virgin media block people from using an alternative smtp server...
  3. imadoofus


    So if Outlook cannot conect to my SMTP server, even if I change it (four times!) What does that mean? TIA PJ
  4. WLeg

    BT SMTP Servers

    Are currently blacklisted. Just got this back in a recipt.. < #5.1.1 SMTP; 550-Denied, is in a black list at>
  5. D

    IIS SMTP on XP Home Edition

    Right - the latest problem on my new PC! PC came shipped with XP Home Edition rather than Pro. As such you are not supposed to be able to run IIS on it. With a log of 'playing' and help from the web I have now patched together an IIS install on it which appears to work AOK. The only...
  6. Mr E


    You'd expect better from an IT Consultant, but here goes....... Wifey is in the process of setting up a new business from home. Domain is registered, website built, but how do I get the email sorted? I'm running a BT Broadband connection provided by employer - no email addresses, no...
  7. WLeg

    dynamic IP and SMTP relay.

    Wonderful AOL - block me from setting up my Exchange server. (Despite that fact that I am using BT Business Broadband) - I know I can get a Static IP address - but BT want £10.00 PER MONTH...
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