1. R

    Snapped glowplugs. Light on permenent plz help

    Hello I changed my gp and cyl 1-2 snapped off I changed 3-4-5, assembled car, but my gp light won't switch off. Even if I remove the 3 pin from relay.(no blown fuses on relay) Bought one 4 cyl relay, and still the same. Light won't turn off in dashboard How can I switch the light off...
  2. brucemillar

    W124 Headlight Vacuum - Snapped Pipe

    Folks Old sausage fingers strikes again. Whilst removing the headlights from my 124, to clean the glass. I managed to break the vacuum line connector flush with the headlight. This was actually my wife's fault as I knew she was going to complain about me cleaning the headlight glass in the...
  3. PhilG

    Serpentine belt snapped on OM642

    Wife called me yesterday with kids in the car, no power steering and a smell of burnt rubber. Oh good. Recovered the car home, had a look and there is bits of belt everywhere. I've got it all out. The top idler pulley has been completely lunched, all torn up. Part #9 on this diagram...
  4. F

    C63 - Sepentine belt snapped

    Hi there, Had a major service at MB yesterday and about 13 miles into the drive home I lost powersteering (on a roundabout) and the battery light came up shortly afterwards. Got the car recovered and when I opened the bonnet I could see the belt was shredded to pieces. The car is only 2.5...
  5. Alex.A

    Snapped door cable?

    Hello guys. Just found this forum from Google and I need some advice, my car is a 2009 (59) plate c class 220. I've one home gone to get out the car and pulled the door handle, heard a it of a snap and the handle has gone floppy. I can open the door from the outside with the same handle...
  6. S

    snapped injector bolt on c220 2002 w203

    Hi all i am new to this forum but after a lot of google searching this is the place to be for mb help. I have purchased a c220 2002 for my dad. at first drive the car felt great however when the heater was turned on there was a diesel smell coming from the cabin. i opened up the engine cover...
  7. V

    Snapped front springs

    Sat in a school car park in my 2008 CLS, after doing a couple of hundred miles today and SNAP front offside suspension spring snaps! No warning just BANG. Has this happened to anyone else and is it easy to fix?
  8. E

    Fuel cap strap snapped

    My fuel cap strap has snapped, is there a replacement or do you buy the whole cap? :(
  9. c180081c

    help locking wheelnut key snapped

    I have a 2005 w203 had the wheels off and the key snapped whilst replacing them!!. What can I do? I need to do the brakes shortly so need them off again
  10. S

    2003 W209 CLK Convertible- outer roof piston snapped

    Model year 2003 UK 2005 US Roof unserviceable, diagnosis outer left piston snapped in two! Hi, Replacement piston has arrived the problem is WIS says open the roof to proceed with the swap out. With the piston gone the roof no longer operates so you assume you can open the roof manually. On...
  11. amg3.6

    W202 bonnet cable has snapped!!!

    As above cable has snapped with bonnet shut luckly the headlights and bumper are off the car how can i open the bonnet?
  12. abecketts

    this should be snapped up quickly w124 E280 sportline

    1994 Mercedes W124 S124 E280 Estate with Sportline options | eBay loom and head gasket done, was once retailed by a certain Mr Froome and baring the rear panel damage seems rather together to me. Offers around £1695 Thoughts?
  13. Twistedmind

    Snapped front spring

    Hi all. Just going over a speed hump at normal speed, herd a clonk and this happens Anybody know a ok make. Budget is on a shoe string at the moment ! Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  14. S

    Anti Roll Bar Tie Rods Snapped

    Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Links Snapped Was Having my wheels balanced today to eradicate the last bit of wobble from wheels and when he was doing the rears i just had a nosey under the arch and noticed the tie rods on both sides of the anti roll bar were snapped. I cannot believe that they are...
  15. S

    S211 foot brake cable snapped?

    Today, when pressing down on the foot operated parking brake on my 2004 S211, there was a metallic noise, when I took my foot off the brake pedal it returned to its original position. I'm guessing that the cable has snapped but looking at Eurocarparts, they list a RH & LH cable. Now it is quite...
  16. D

    snapped injector bolt

    hi can anyone help ive snapped the injector bolt in the hole trying to tighten it because my injector was blowing now i dont no what to do
  17. N

    CLS window regulator snapped cable repair DIY

    Original thread for discussion can be found here Push window down button for the driver side... *grind grind grind* window still up. Ok. Regulator replacement time... how...
  18. N

    CLS window regulator snapped cable repair DIY

    Push window down button for the driver side... *grind grind grind* window still up. Ok. Regulator replacement time... how much?? About £100 on eBay and close to £250 for a new one. + Fitting?? I think I’ll have a see what’s wrong with it first: Things you will probably need: TX30, 25...
  19. D

    Another Snapped Spring W211

    So the other day got in the car and turned it on. It was coldish about 3c and I put it in reverse and heard a massive thud. Crap :mad:. Got out checked everything and it looked ok so got back in and thought the bumper was maybe on the curb? Thud again and the front passenger side sunk. :doh: So...
  20. C

    Grand Voyager locking wheel nut snapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi i have a voyager 3.3 auto R reg and the o/s rear locking wheel nut has snapped off so now i have the collett on the thread holding the wheel on, Please any ideas on getting it off ????????????????????? Please Thanks Colin
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