1. HotJambalaya

    slightly sneaky multi car policy folks...

    I just bought a second car, the C63, which I was shopping around for quotes for, and called my current insurer Elephant, who insure my old A3. I didn't realise they were Admiral, so they offered me a multi car policy. My current policy runs out in January, they said "take out a new policy for...
  2. developer

    Sneaky Little Sh*t Scratches My Car

    :devil: There I am, hanging nets at the window in a flat (just call me Mabel), when a guy reverses into the space behind my car. He looked bl**dy close - too close to the bumper corner. He got out of his car, folded both his mirrors (manually) and then walked to the back of my car. Guess...
  3. basalt2003

    Just a rant about sneaky t%*^ts who prang and run

    Just got my C220 Sport estate back from repair where some t- - -t bashed the rear offside door and sill in causing £2000 damage. Had to claim and it cost me £250 excess:mad: The bstrd clearly knew they hit my car but sh*&^%ly drove off wothout owning up! Friday I got my car back and Saturday I...
  4. buccal

    Sneaky Main Dealer?

    Or genuine mistake? This CLK 55 AMG has been on autotrader at £17495 for the last couple of weeks. Now you can get a special £500 discount/online voucher! Only thing is they've increase the price by a grand...
  5. WLeg

    Sneaky Kids

    In an attempt to stop them using their computers when not allowed, does anyone know enough VBS to write a little script so that when the machine (Vista) is booted up it sends me an email ?
  6. H

    Sneaky Ecu Reset Boosts Performance

    In another thread a member posts that he drove a second-hand ML55 and found it slow. The trouble may have been that the gearbox adjusts to the way the car has been driven. If it has been driven slowly by previous owners...
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