1. D

    Sniff Petrol Classic

    Shamelessly copied from Sniff Petrol, an absolute classic. :D Dear Total Pr!ck From An Internet Forum, A while ago I remember you recommending a particular car but I can’t recall what it was. Could you jog my memory? KM, London Total Pr!ck From An Internet Forum replies… Ever heard of a...
  2. grober

    Smith and Sniff

    Jonny Smith (@carpervert)FIFTH GEAR and Richard Porter (@sniffpetrol) TOP GEAR drive around in a big Jag XJR talking about Opel Mantas, Quentin Willson steering, an Irish man with an unusual name, and having a wee in front of a helicopter gunship. If the banter sounds familiar Richard Porter...
  3. grober


    An excerpt from the recent small adds. Get down there to get the latest on the Spanish entry to the Eurovision song Cont-----sorry Grand Prix. 2014 Spanish GP preview « Sniff Petrol
  4. grober

    Latest Sniff Petrol

    In case this hasn't been flagged the latest edition has been out since April 23. Particularly liked the Ebay crack down piece. Sniff Petrol
  5. BTB 500

    New edition of Sniff Petrol is out

    Sniff Petrol Some good stuff about Toyota and Saab ;) :D
  6. BTB 500

    Sniff Petrol - new issue out

    Sniff Petrol
  7. W

    Sniff petrol - August edition

    This month's edition of Sniff Petrol is out :) From page 2 here's 'not an advertisement' for our busy forum mods ;)
  8. U

    Sniff, gone but we will be together soon

    My 500E is in storage for a while so I can concentrate on my hobbies more and a house me and missus Dave want to build. No more 100mph kick downs to 3rd, no more cruise control at 160, no more chuckles as you yet again toot toot the plebians out of your way and no more surge to silly speeds...
  9. Inkyskin

    One less w202 on the road *sniff*

    Some nice fellow in an Iveco pickup today decided he'd pull out in front of me! On top of that, the turn off is for buses only. My car is now dead, and will no doubt get written off :mad: Needless to say I'm more than peeved. Anyone need a cloth interior? :D
  10. grober

    Sniff June 6th

    Sniff June 6th YEAH!:rock: Liked the new Audi A4 colour chart.
  11. scumbag

    Sniff Petrol

    If it hasn't been pointed out, This month Sniff is now available. Before clicking on this link please note:- There is an offensive image of a Mercedes SL, and amusing comment about some bloke who loses his job at the end of the year, and the usual gutter language. You have been...
  12. grober

    New SNIFF PETROL out.

    The only way to justify this send up picture of the new Citroen advert is to say--- get on over to Sniff Petrol for more of the same. ;)
  13. grober

    New Improved Sniff Petrol.

    Yes it appears that "Sniff Petrol" is about to change format.:eek: I quite liked the old one :( but the trial prototype ----Lighter, faster, more economical, with 17 extra airbags!!!! is here
  14. grober

    April Sniff petrol

    Yes its April fool time at Sniff Petrol. Get the inside story on the Chrysler sale! :rolleyes:
  15. grober

    August edition of Sniff Petrol hits the streets

    For those who had withdrawal symptoms last month the latest edition of Sniff Petrol is out.;)
  16. saorbust

    Sniff Petrol - New Issue out now...

    Excellent read - MB article is very funny. And the 2nd article regarding internet opinions must be ringing a few bells.....
  17. Philirv

    W124 now gone, Sniff.....

    My W124 is finally gone, sold to the highest bidder who lives in the Shetland Islands. Presumably over the next few years, that lovely metallic malachite green finish will be gradually replaced by a rust brown one. Can't help feeling I've made a big mistake, sold a one-off superb motor...
  18. Guy

    Sniff Petrol - an antidote

    Irreverent, rude but quite funny site - takes the **** out of motoring journalists, manufacturers, just about everybody who takes cars/themselves too seriously. Be warned - Some strong language Sniff Petrol
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