1. jnfgambler247

    R230 Fitting a power supply to Snooper / Dashboard Camera

    Hi (SL500/R230 2004) Just wondered if anyone had wired a extra power supply for a snooper and/or camera. I am looking at adding the snopper to the dashboard and possibly locating the camera under (attached to) the rear view mirror. (Put a small hole and threaded bar to mirror case and camera...
  2. developer

    Snooper 4Zero

    Has anybody got one and it is any good?
  3. P

    Snooper DAB2000 add on unit.

    Bought one of these for my e220 cabriolet, did a test fit in the garage and signal strength was 80%+, so stuck the antenna to the screen and started engine to go out, and once the ignition switched on the signal dropped to 0% :confused: Emailed snooper to get their take on this and had 1 reply...
  4. developer


    I had a very interesting and informative conversation (thanks B) at Bicester yesterday about Snooper. I had always assumed that this type of device was illegal, but it appears not. They seem a bit of a no brainer, as I might accidentally stray a couple of mph over the limit occasionally. Are...
  5. A

    Free iphone snooper App for a year. No card details needed.

    Taken from another forum but its car related and free !! The Snooper app is free from the App Store. (Subscription is usually £1.79/month) The app comes with a free 30 day trial. AutoExpress have a code in this weeks magazine to get an extra free 11 months :) -> Download the app. ->...
  6. A

    Snooper Sapphire GPS Saftey Unit for sale

    Bought this about 2 months ago, never really use it so maybe more useful for someone who does more miles. When I bought It I was told it had no subscription and was last updated in August 09. I have no way of checking this as have not updated it myself. Few marks (very faint) on Unit does not...
  7. Palfrem

    Great service from Snooper

    I don't think we give enough credit for good service these days... I know it's a rare ocurrence, but credit where credit is due. My 4 year old Snooper S6 failed to download its updates so I rang Snooper who asked me to send it back. I pop it in the post and 4 days later it's back with...
  8. A

    Anyone own a Snooper sapphire?

    Hello Does any one how has one know if it gives your speed read out on the screen... I've provisionally bought one second hand from colleague and would like this feature.. Cannot seem to find an answer having a quick google. Thanks
  9. E

    Snooper Evolution Free p&p

    Snooper Evolution - 2009 SNOOPER GPS DETECTORS - Snooper All manuals, Pc leads & box exellent working condition £45
  10. scooter

    Snooper Syrius sat nav with speed cameras

    I have a snooper syrius sat nav with lifetime free updates to the enigma database for speed cameras it has all the attachments i used it twice in 5 months comes with car mount cig adaptor house power supply case for the sat nav uk and europe maps £225 free postage I can accept paypal or check...
  11. WLeg

    Snooper S2

    Has anyone got one - it is any good, are they current, etc with updates ?
  12. WLeg

    Snooper S3

    New, un-registered. Offers before I Flea-bay it ?
  13. WLeg

    Snooper S3

    Un-Used, not registered, boxed. Offers ?
  14. Matt32AMG

    Snooper S2000 Syrius Proline

    Hope everyone is having a good Christmas break… Anyone got one or had any experience with this?? I'm not that bothered about the SAT NAV function as I have the Pioneer AVIC-X3 unit. But I am interested about the RADAR, GATSO, and general detection facilities being offered with the syrius...
  15. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: Brand New SNOOPER S6-R Neo

    For sale, a Brand New SNOOPER S6-R neo The GPS has been taken out of the box and tested, but the Radar/Laser detector is still sealed. Open to Offers - located in Watford... Rgds Was! 07766 367676
  16. BenzedUP

    Snooper For Sale....

    5 Band Snooper radar detection including the new Ku band - detects ALL radar traps. Specially tuned ... more ... Snooper... 1000 MHz bandwidths on both X and K frequencies. Method - Laser Detection Undetectable Stealth Technology. Disadvantage - Somtimes its too sensitive keeps...
  17. D

    Snooper Evolution

    Hi, I was just browsing the web and came across the new Snooper Evolution. It says it has a UK and European database - Enigma. Has anyone tried this or is it just marketing? Is this database available with other devices... thanks DB1
  18. sym

    For Sale - Snooper S4 Neo

    GPS Camera Detector (+ Laser Alert) About 1 year old - As new condition, boxed with all accessories / leads etc. Subscription to receive database updates costs £4.95 per month. Full product details here Sensible offers accepted before it goes on eBay ! PM me if you require...
  19. M

    Snooper S4 Neo + S100 RLD (4 months old) as new

    4 months old, Snooper S4 neo with optional rear laser detector. With box, all cables, disc, brackets etc - it is the one that has all cameras, traps, schools, GPS real speed display, voice warning etc + the laser detector has the ability to warn of handheld cameras and vans. Updatable on the net...
  20. M

    Snooper SR6 Neo Good/Bad?

    I have read various threads here about the latest Snooper and I like the sound of it. However when asking my local supplier he said that it was c$%p particularly the you could not see the screen and that it took 20 mins to works the GPS properly, but suprise suprise...guess what he didn't...
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