1. Cymruambyth

    Hose pipe snow foam.

    I have a pressure washer and snow foam lance but for the odd quick wash I thought about getting a foam lance for my hose pipe. I`ve seen a few but I thought I`d ask for recommendations....anyone use these? Ta.
  2. clk320x

    Snow foam lance help please

    I'm struggling to find out which snow foam connector I need for my washer It's an RAC one (quite old) Here's a photo of the connector from the manual Manual : Also which brand of Snowfoam...
  3. M

    snow foam

    hello !!! what snow foam are you using ? cheers
  4. J


    Looks like snow on its way to the south tomorrow, Be careful and keep safe
  5. Tan

    Snow question

    Hi With snow in the forecast, I was pondering which will be better in the snow a mid engined sports car on winter tyres or a 4x4 on summer tyres? Based on general road use. Tan
  6. M

    Mercedes G Wagen Fail On Snow Covered Road - Video

    Mercedes G Wagen Fail On Snow Covered Road [YOUTUBE HD]Mhimyn6Iovk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. bob6600

    Snow in the Sahara?

    Yes! Stunning photos capture rare snow in the Sahara Desert
  8. D

    LED headlamps and snow

    Hey, So despite living in Scotland and having had my W205 for a year, last night I was driving in heavy snowfall for the first time in it. I was following a car in almost whiteout conditions and thinking nothing of it until that car pulled off and I was left with nobody to follow. I...
  9. rom1

    snow foam fun

    Simple wash turned out very good results. Snow foam - valet pro 2 bucket wash - Meguiars gold class car shampoo dry with micro fibre cloths - finish with demon shine Windows - Autoglym fast glass.
  10. D

    Snow foam virgin

    During the more recent of my 50 years of cleaning cars I've thought about snow foam but never got round to doing anything about it. But reading so many comments in this forum that included praise of the technique, and now having a Karcher K7, I took the plunge and bought a lance and some jollop...
  11. L

    Snow foam or Bilt Hamber surfex HD deagreaser

    what would be the best for light soiling.I wash the car every 2 weeks.Cheers.

    Bloody Snow...

    Oh deep joy....started snowing (again) rather heavily at the moment. E Ayrshire. Anyone else further south?.
  13. Jay2512

    Cars in the Snow

    Given some have had snow, I couldn't help trying out the 4matic on an early morning run into Wales on Friday.
  14. nutrunner

    snow foam ragtop

    hi all ive got some snow foam left from using on m last car will it damage the soft top of my clk vert or should i just use it on the body :wallbash:
  15. M

    Jet Wash and Snow Foam

    Bruvs, How are you all nearly Friday cannot wait. Question I want to buy a good pressure washer one where you can have a snow foam attachment. I wanted to get one that didn't damage parking sensors and paintwork. Any recommendations, thank you in advance all.
  16. K

    Snow Foam - waste of time?

    I bought CYC's Super Snow Foam and foam lance a few years ago and have used them irregularly since. Doing the particularly dirty family VW today I broke out the lance and foam - and was struck by what a complete waste of time and money it is. After a pressure wash, a good coat of foam left for...
  17. B

    Snow chains wanted - to fit 255 55 16

    I'd love to borrow or buy some snow chains, though they seem pretty cheap to buy anyway! Let me know if you have any knocking around, I just need them for a ski trip to France. Thanks, David
  18. D-18

    Dashing through the snow with Canadian railways

    I bet it takes more than a few leaves on the line to stop these guys....
  19. Jakerook

    Snow snow snow !

    Should be fun in the morning for a rear wheel drive newbie like myself !
  20. flango

    Snow is falling, transport is failing

    Well we have 2cm of snow here and the buses have stopped running and so have the taxis, what sort of country is this? Is this another example of nanny state HSE? Madness I was in Canada 2 weeks ago at minus 28 degrees and 2 meters of snow and life carries on as normal. It's times like this I'm...
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