1. Gollom

    Mains sockets with USB

    Want to replace at least one 2 Gang 240V faceplate with one that also has USB sockets. Most seem to have two USB "combined 2.1A" Will that meet my needs or should I go for a higher rated? Only likely to charge phones etc.
  2. T

    Fuses for Rear Sockets Viano w639

    Hello all, I have a 2006 Viano w639, and can't find a fuse diagram anywhere on the 'net... One of the two rear passenger sockets (driver's side) is dead. I have tried to get out the socket without much luck. I was wondering where the fuse is for this, as that should be the first port of...
  3. Haven't a clue!

    hardwire multiple 12v & USB sockets from Cigarette socket supply

    Hi, On my post-facelift W204 (12/12) I want need multiple sockets to feed: 1- Dash Cam - Cig connector 2- Sat Navto - Cig connector 3- Phone Charger - USB 4- DAB Blue tooth Transmitter - USB 5- Spare USB (appreciate need to ensure draw/loading is sensible) Looking for clean and...
  4. X

    Accessory sockets

    Hi Does anyone know if its possible to retrofit accessory cigar sockets to the boot and to back of the centre console (for back seat use)? Are part numbers available? This is for a 2015 w204 coupe Thank you
  5. John

    Spark sockets.

    So I was sorting out some of my tools and spotted 4 spark sockets which I have obviously acquired over the years somehow. I've not changed sparks since I had a Ford Escort I think so probably 20 odd years ago but are these of any use still - I presume they are metric these days unless you...
  6. marty359

    Sockets and switches

    British general 17x double sockets 4x 1g 2w switches 2x 3g 2w switches 1x 2g 2w switch most come with screws but the odd few are missing. Used but good condition, some may have paint marks that will come off. £20 delivered
  7. N

    12 volt lighter sockets not working

    Does anybody have a solution or having the same problem with the 12 volt cigarette sockets? I have 1 working in the rear of the car but the other rear does not work and neither does the front. I have checked the fuses and they are fine which i thought that they would be as the 1 in the rear...
  8. Cleggmeister

    Wiring multiple 12v sockets and inverter into W124

    Hi again! I use quite a lot of devices in my car and I'd love a wee project to wire in some more 12v sockets and an inverter (all of which I have purchased). The issue is me, I have no experience working on car wiring. Please could you suggest where I might locate a feed for my 12v...
  9. whitenemesis

    Metal Multi-gang 13 amp sockets

    Does any one know where I could purchase the above? Kitchen revamp calls for a 4 gang socket in brushed steel/satin chrome finish. I can find the normal 2 gang sockets but nothing bigger.
  10. J

    12v interior sockets

    Unable to find fuses for cigarette lighter or other 12v sockets,checked fuse box under bonnet on 2001 270 ml.any help would be appreciated
  11. T

    Audio 10/30 Connector Sockets Part No Please

    Please could someone give me the MB part No for the sockets to connect to the C pins. The ones for Comand are A008 545 55 26 but the Audio 30 C are the same as the A & B.
  12. X

    Europlug sockets

    Can anyone tell me if it is permissible under IEE regs to fit Europlug (Continental plug) sockets to a house in UK instead of standard 3 pin outlets?
  13. Spinal

    12V Sockets (lighter plugs)

    I'm rewiring the rally car, and I realised I forgot to make notes of where some cables go... Are the lighter plugs/12V sockets in cars positive core or positive shroud? I have both options, and don't really want to guess :p Thanks, M.
  14. GordonTarling

    Auxiliary Power Sockets

    My 2001 E320CDI Estate has a power socket on the left of the rear load area - problem is that it is only powered whilst the ignition is on - frankly, not terribly useful to me! Is there any way of easily changing it so that it is either powered all the time, or powered with the ignition key in...
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