1. alex300ce

    W213 Suspension soft and stalling issues

    Hi I have a 2016 W213 E350d Premium Plus sport which is a great car, but I slowly getting ****** off with a couple issues. Firstly the suspension feels terrible, very soft and bouncy but hard on tiny bumps such as cats eyes. When u go round a corner you can feel the car dip into it rather than...
  2. D

    W124 soft top

    I'm needing to replace the soft top on my tourmaline green a124 Question is what colour? I have the choice of black, brown or green Can anyone post up photos of the green or brown hoods on a tourmaline car? I've used google images but drawn a blank Many thanks in advance
  3. 0

    Replace soft top Windows- Nottingham area

    Suggestions very welcome.Or ideas for improving vision through clouded Perspex
  4. O

    Soft top's packed up :(

    Greetings all. Just picked the nearest best fit for this topic so apologies in advance if I have mis posted. I have a CLK 320 elegance bought in the winter and of course now I want to use it with the roof down it packs up. At first it was the roll bar that wouldn't raise with the canvas...
  5. E

    Leaking soft top

    Hi has anyone got any suggestions I have the CLK320 soft top and it has started leaking, drivers side roof where it meets the windscreen . Has anyone else had the same problem? Any suggestions who would be able to fix it ? Would it be a trimmer ?
  6. S

    soft top guru

    My CLK200 soft top needs some (hopefully) minor attention. I live in the Bristol area and had a brilliant 1-man-band guy out in the past but have lost his number. Anyone help?! Many thanks.
  7. L

    s124 tailgate soft close

    Hi, I have a problem with the soft close failing on the tailgate following a few months of intermitent performance. I also think a problem with the rear cabin lights might be related to this. I have replaced the mechanism with a known good one and still have no operation of the mechanism. I had...
  8. 1

    Soft top "knock"

    My eclass 2014 cabriolet roof opens and shuts but on shutting its makes a quite loud knock near the end of the shutting process. Any ideas as to what this noise could be, anyone found and fixed this problem? Thanks, Pete
  9. D

    soft top clk63

    Don't see many of these, seems a decent price for what it is. Mercedes-Benz CLK 6.2 CLK63 AMG 7G-Tronic 2dr
  10. T

    Soft top care

    Hi Have put down a deposit on a CLK280 Convertible 08. Will post pictures when car is on the drive. Looking into buying care products for the soft top, having used Autoglym in the past which I was quite impressed with, but have heard that Renovo is better. Can anyone comment on this...
  11. gramey

    Waterproofing my soft top - R129

    I bought some Fabsil to treat my soft top and I've given it one application. Is this sufficient or do I need to give it multiple applications? :)
  12. Norte23

    Fusso coat soft 99

    Well the car is washed, dried & R222 paint cleansed. Fusso applied, waited 15 mins then power buffed. Looks pretty good. This is not a picture of the sky. It's the reflection of the sky in the bonnet hahaha
  13. BlackC55

    PCS Soft shell jackets and polo shirts for sale.

    Hi all, We have started selling PCS Soft shell jackets and polo shirts after a few requests for them! The soft shell jackets are £40 in black and come in sizes S/M/L/XL. Polo shirts are £20 in black and the same sizes as above. Please pm me if you would like one or email...
  14. gramey

    Pre 96 R129 soft top with frame

    The seller hasn't posted many photo's of this but he has more as he emailed me several. I was going to byu this before I found out there was a change in the hood from 96 on and this is a pre 96 roof. Ask him for more photo's, if you're in the market for a new soft top in blue this is definitely...
  15. gramey

    R129 Soft top - recommendations?

    As above really, having bought my car on Wednesday knowing the rear windows were cracked and the trailing edge frayed I need to do something about my soft top. Unless someone suggests otherwise I'm assuming replacing just the rear section is a non starter as it's likely the front section has...
  16. P

    The tale of the shrunken "Soft" Top....

    Hello folks, Well, I'm yet another newbie to the site and looking to pick the brains of anyone who can help! I've recently acquired a '79 350SL V8 auto. It has what looks like a fairly unused soft top in a dark blue cloth and in very clean condition with a clear and crack free pane of clear...
  17. F

    w221 soft closure

    help can I retrofit soft closure locks on standard doors
  18. tommyboy40

    R129 SL 500 Soft top issues

    Hi All, I recently had my RST module repaired by BBA Reman in the UK. Upon re installing i'm getting the attached error message. The rollbar is deployed and doesn't want to lock back down. Car is a 1996 SL500 . Any ideas?
  19. B

    CLK W209 320; soft top issues

    Hi all, Appreciate being allowed to join, and thank you in advance for advice. I have read dozens of other threads about soft top issues but can't find an answer to my problem. If possible looking for some advice - problems with my soft top on 2001 W208 320 - suddenly non functional Could...
  20. T

    Help! R129 Soft top not operating

    Hi All, I decided as yesterday was a nice sunny day, I'd take the hard top off and use the soft top. A few months back I pulled the car out of storage and needed to jump start the car. The soft top operated fine before storing, it was stored with the hard top on. I can't seem to get the...
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