1. Eddy77

    Goodwood SoftTop Sunday

    My CLK 350 will be on display on 4th June this year....just got the email acceptance! One of the lesser convertibles on display but I am looking forward to showing it! Anyone going to be there?
  2. G

    Softtop Not working Correctly

    Hi. I am not sure if this is the best place to post but I will start here. I have a 2000 CLK Avantgarde convertible. Great car and fun to drive especially in good weather. Last couple of times I have retracted the top it has stopped midway through the process. The front part of the roof...
  3. M

    Were can i found my micro switch or softtop relay on my clk 2001

    My battery as gone flat and my partner got a battery on it now the roof will not come down and someone said check micro switch but I don't know we're it is
  4. M

    Cleaning soft-top plastic windows

    Here is my top tip for looking after soft-top windows. With the soft-top up wash the plastic windows to remove any dirt and grime, then dry the plastic off using a micro fibre cloth. Then use Hindsight two stage cleaner/polish.(not cheap, but gives quite a few applications) Hindsight...
  5. J

    Recommendations for new R107 Soft-Top

    Anyone had a new hood fitted to their 107 recently - preferably in the South East? Are you completely satisfied - anything not quite right? I'm looking at having one fitted and wish to find a recommend fitter/suplier! Thanks
  6. S

    SL320 Softtop

    Hi Anybody got any recommendations (London based) for getting some stiching sorted for the rear window (about 5 inches). Everything else is in good condition so I don't want to replace all 3 windows. :)
  7. B

    Wanted: Mercedes 107 Soft Top Compartment Cover/Lid

    Hi. I am looking for the soft top compartment cover lid. Anyone?
  8. IBN

    R129 (1990 300 SL) - Soft-top Problem

    Hi All My 300SL has developed a soft-top problem and I would be grateful for some advice as to how I can diagnose / fix the problem. The car has been in my garage with the roof up for the past month (been away on holiday). Yesterday, I decided to give her a wash and go for a run. As usual...
  9. w124nut

    New soft-top on W124 cabriolet

    Refurbishing the soft-top was on my list of jobs to attend to but the failure of the roof mechanism pushed it to number one priority. :doh: The work was carried out by David of d:class in Chobham Surrey who also took the photos of work in progress. :thumb: I took advantage to change the...
  10. S

    W208 softtop

    Hello everyone this is my first post and my 2002 clk 230k cabriolet is my first Mercedes. This query (as usual?) concerns the softtop. I have searched the database and while I have found lots of useful info, none seems to cover my problem. The softtop was working fine until recently. Now the...
  11. biturbo

    r129 remote softtop closing and closing at upto 30mph

    Hi all, I've bought a roof module with 3 ecu stye things and lots of wires. 10 pages of instructions. The idea is you can close the softtop with he remote control, one touch closing when in the car and you can open and close at upto 30mph. Anyone installed such a module in there car, is it as...
  12. D

    softtop cylinder rebuild uk?

    HI, I know of someone who rebuilds the soft top hydraulic cylinders for the 129 better than new according to what I read on Benzworld forum, but he is in America. Is there a similar service somewhere in the U.K.? Regards thanks DARragh WDB129064...1999 SL320
  13. F

    '91 500SL soft-top almost closes! but...

    Soft-top unlatches and starts to fold away, but the two support rods (each with a small rubber pad on it) now stay upright making it impossible to complete the fold-away operation; they stop the clam-shell being able to fully close. If I reverse the operation and open the hood half way up, I...
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