1. D

    software updates

    Hi I updated my Sat Nav disc a couple of years ago and wonder if there is an update for the cars firmware too? does anybody know and if so is it a DIY job? car is a 2006 CLS 320cdi with NTG1 thanks
  2. aquanaut

    C63 W204 Software Updates

    Hello, I have owned my C63 since new - 01 Sept. 2012. In that time all that has been done is 1 free map update even though I was entitled to 3 free updates. This September it goes in again to Mercedes Aberdeen for its service and MOT. Last year I asked for the gearbox software update only to be...
  3. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  4. 2

    Software updates W213

    Hi, it appears that there are many software updates on the W213 but how does the owner know and get these updates? Safety recalls should notify the owner and then the dealer can carry ou the work but each time my car has gone to the dealer it has had software updates, not safety ones. My...
  5. R

    updating the software?

    We recently bought a used GLA220 and also an A180. I note that the software on the A180 (being the newer car of the two) also has newer software installed that is far better to use. Just wondering is it possible to get the software in the GLA updated ? is it something MB would do? thanks
  6. N

    2006 7G Occasional Shift issue & Software updates

    Hi, My 320cdi has the 7G gearbox, has done 78K with gearbox oil change last year. It seems fine, other than if it's been driven, then left for an hour or so, then driven again - if I give it any more than 1/2 throttle (e.g. pulling out or overtaking) it will struggle to shift from I...
  7. Rickyj1985

    Mercedes w222 software

    Hi people this might be a stupid question but is it possible to upgrade the command graphics in the current s class to that of the facelift version? (Like the new eclass)? Would there be a software update or is it not possible?
  8. P

    C63 - 507 - Software Updates

    So I finally get back to the UK Wednesday night and I'll be picking my 507 up on Thursday morning, I've had to wait 8 weeks in total since doing the deal as I've been out of the country, so I'm currently like a kid on the run up to Christmas! Anyways, this may just be a bit of a nOOb question...
  9. S

    Software updates

    Are there such things as software or firmware updates on mercs... Like for gearbox or engine management etc..?
  10. F

    Software upgrade

    I've been offered a free software upgrade, before I get in touch with the dealer, has anyone knowledge of this latest upgrade.
  11. F

    W205 c63 software update

    Has any one else noticed a quieter exhaust after engine and gearbox software update, just picked mine up from the dealer after non-working stop start, it sounds totally different, a bit disappointing to be honest.
  12. Norte23

    W204 2010 software !!!

    Just went for a wonder through the engineer menu & noticed the head unit software version is 9/12/00. Why would a 2010 car have such an old software version. Also is it upgradable at home via download or do I need to get my pants pulled down by the dealer
  13. S

    Software update Cumbria

    Anyone in or near Cumbria, M6 junction 40 ish able to update my 2011 S212 E350CDI AG to all the latest SW please. Particularly interested in gearbox update as per my recent posts with slight clunk issue on stopping. Will pay going rates.
  14. Dave Richardson

    I Trent Software

    Could someone help out please ? Is there any one on the site that regularly uses Itrent program ? I know that its pretty much an HR based program, but that's it, I'm going for a new job interview tomorrow which will require me to use Itrent in an HR/Health & Safety role. I assume that...
  15. kithands

    360 Camera Software Update

    My S212 E350 AMG Sport ( build date Aug 2014 ) is have some intermitent issues with the 360 camera system. For no apparent reason the system shuts down with no picture from any of the cameras and just the basic overlay detail on the comand screen. Ignition on/off does not cure the problem. If I...
  16. BlackC55

    Software updates.

    We are now connected to Mercedes-Benz so we can do software updates on most control units. I have updated all of my cars and have found quite a difference especially in the gearbox operation on the 7 speed. Often the updates will cure small glitches and smooth out operations. We only...
  17. dddooommm

    Mercedes Re-map, software upgrades, ecu remap updates chips

    Evening MB CLUB- The previous owner of my car was a recognised mercedes performance shop with a rolling road, modern Merc breakers, servicing etc. They owned the car for years and I can tell it's been looked after. They stated that the car CDI CLK W209 Had been remapped. How can I...
  18. M

    diesel engine & gearbox software update - is there one?

    My 2012 E 220 CDi ( 30,000 mls) developed a surging of tickover engine revs ( rev coumter waving up and down ) which also meant it lurched at low road speeds. MB main dealer claimed to have done a software update to both engine and gearbox ( november 2015 ) but I can not see any improvement...
  19. A

    Can I borrow your Viseeo software cable ? (nr. Glossop)

    Hi, I've just purchased a used Viseeo MB-3 from eBay. A bit of a gamble and it appears as yet to have not paid off :(. The device struggles to maintain a Bluetooth connection, and I'm wondering if it's because it hasn't got the latest software installed on it. Unfortunately the seller on...
  20. A

    Upgrade Dash Display software Eclass coupe 2013

    Hi - any first hand experience welcomed (but not guesswork - i can do that myself ;-) Im buying a c207 E220/E250 coupe - current models seem to have a nicer menu system on the display (the 5 inch screen), but i like the price of 2013 models. Can i get an update , like on my phone, to the...
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