1. Piff

    Would you trust a solicitor?

    So in summer 2014 I hear from the family grape vine that I will be contacted by a solicitor as an unknown relative has died and I have an inheritance heading my way. Contact made by solicitor in Feb 2015 advising that I am identified as one of over 100 beneficiaries. It seems that solicitors...
  2. guydewdney

    anyone a patent solicitor?

    got myself an idea, and want to add it to my half a dozen patents to my name. However, theres no solicitors near here, so have to do it by email/post etc, so thought i would offer the fee here first. Its a simple, easy to rip off, easy to copy automotive device.....:fail
  3. S

    Is there a solicitor in the house?

    This could be a long post so I will do an edited version. Selling a property that I've not been living in, my solicitor rang saying there was confusion over which garage number is mine. He asked me to go and photograph the row and send it to him with mine marked. I go and all but two have...
  4. garystu1965

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advice

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advise <edited out due to me being an idiot>
  5. reflexboy

    Am I just being thick? Solicitor's letter

    Hi-I recieved a solicitor's letter in respect of a personally injury claim and he says: 'I will send you the attendance cheque as soon as it is to hand'.....Any idea what an 'attendance cheque' is, as opposed to a normal cheque?
  6. WLeg


    Are there any here who could offer some advise (with a view to using their services, depending on options) on a legal mater regarding a deceased person's will (and it being changed) ? Pls PM.
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