1. N

    Any solicitors / probate experts here?

    Background: An elderly friend of mine was long time mates with a bloke of similar vintage who croaked, leaving behind wifey. Over about a decade wifey became increasingly decrepit & befuddled & was eventually moved into a nursing home, funded by the sale of her house & the one next door, which...
  2. I

    Any solicitors on here??

    I was wondering what a fair price was to get a statutory declaration drawn up? I called a solicitor today who wanted £250 plus vat. Seems steep to me but if that's the going rate then fair enough. Any ideas anyone??
  3. Koolvin

    Solicitors that deal with property law needed

    I won't go into too much detail here but I urgently need to engage someone in a serious matter. Any property legal eagles here ? Please PM me. Thanks, Vin.
  4. T

    Motoring solicitors - recommendations

    Looking for a good motoring solicitor - if anyone has direct experience of one please post. Done the searches via usual channels including Law Soc, but looking for more concrete recommendation.
  5. T

    Solicitors or legally knowledgeable

    Do we have any of our members who fit the above. I have a problem which is not car related it has been ongoing since the summer of 2009 I have given the other party several opportunities to put things right and this has not been done but was promised several times what I want to know is the...
  6. SilverSaloon


    hi..... Just wondering; how would u feel if the solicitor who was dealing with the sale of your house f***ed off on holiday for 3 weeks (leaveing 1 week before move-in date) without telling you.... worst thing about it is last we heard from him was that he was having problems dealing with...
  7. grasmere

    divorce in Scotland - solicitors advice please . . .

    A friend of mine (not me ;) ) in Scotland is being asked for a divorce and half of the sale value of his long term home by his recent wife of 3.5 years which would put him out on the street with little money. Is there anyone on the forum please that could just give me a pointer about the...
  8. GrahamC230K

    Any solicitors specialising in employment law?

    Got a question regarding redunancy. Not going into details here, but if anyone would like to PM I can give a quick account and would be grateful for an opinion - just so I know whether to take up properly or not. cheers
  9. mercmanuk

    are there any solicitors on this forum before i post for all to see

    hi had a problem with a dealer,are there any solicitors on this forum who can advise if i can post my problem for all to see without it affecting my claim against the dealer.. a very very very pi**ed owner of a new merc
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