1. moonloops

    Eurovision Song Contest is on !

    .. I'm just a little puzzled why it isn't called the Eurovision Mime Contest :D cheesy but fun, I guess.. :thumb:
  2. CreosoteChris

    R109 tribute song

    Listening to wireless this morning before work, I heard the latest sensation of the BBC Radio 2 playlist, Maren Morris’ “My Church”. Rather liking it, I put her name into YouTube whilst eating my muesli, and was presented with a video featuring Ms M driving around in a blue W114 saloon - all...
  3. D

    cl500 2001 going for a song on ebay

    2001 MERCEDES CL500 AUTO SILVER | eBay
  4. TDE1

    Which song lyrics tell the best story?

    At the moment I'm liking 'The Boxer' (Simon and Garfunkel) and 'Labelled With Love' (Squeeze). Any other suggestions?
  5. John

    Best song intros?

    I heard the top one of the following three for the first time in many many years earlier this weekend - which is a belter. It got me wondering how many other songs have cracking intros... Here are at least three belters that I can think of: Any others?
  6. D

    mercedes 500 se unrecorded 38k miles going for song with blue velour

  7. D

    mercedes 250 ce in good nick needs engine fitted/rebuilt going for a song

  8. MancMike

    Utterly inane Morrissey song

    I'm spinning the radio knob every time this "Kiss me a lot" song gets played, which seems to be every damn day, on most radio stations! I love classical music, too, but I wouldn't normally listen to it in the car (needs finesse and quiet to be appreciated properly), but classic FM is the...
  9. st13phil

    Man Maths Song Lyrics

    OK, just a bit of lighthearted fun. We're all familiar with the use of Man Maths to justify (normally just to ourselves) expenditure on something automotive. This concept also appears in song lyrics from time to time, so the challenge is to list some of them. My offering: "I drive a...
  10. Godot

    Girl rocks a Hendrix song on a Korean instrument!

    Girl rocks a Hendrix song on a Korean instrument! | Facebook :bannana:
  11. O

    Help - Ipod / Audio 20 problem - will not display song titles / artist or artwork

    Hi all, Hopefully you guys can help me? When the iPod is connected it plays songs ok but does display song info, instead it display's random 4 letters for a song. Any ideas how to fix? BTW I have used the interface and iPod cables. Thanks in advance. T
  12. ringway

    The worst song ever?

    What is the worst song you have ever heard? I'll start the ball rolling with these two. For instant depression, try this. :crazy: cd_Fdly3rX8 NO! :doh: J09IeN-ONbk
  13. L

    1 LINE ONLY! guess the "car" song

    Not trying to steal sweetpeas idea:rolleyes:, but how about car related songs, one line only, ie not the whole song, and work out/guess?, what and who etc.....:o. So song title and group of the following please...........;) "AND I HAVE THE PINK SLIP DADDY"
  14. Godot

    For Ever Young. A Song For Wootton Bassett

  15. SilverSaloon

    Mercedes song!

    Bl00dy awful but may be of interest to someone on here. Big it up homeys. :crazy: ECAoCSZ4rsU
  16. david55amg

    song downloads

    I was wondering which music download site you use and how good is it? I use nokia music and find it lacking in the niche music. ie I have kings of leon, sex on fire but would like the richard sharkey remix which nokia doesn't have (unless I'm not looking in the right place :D)
  17. WLeg

    ITunes - song availability...(Moan)

    Can anyone tell me why Itunes UK does not have a particular track/song, so it sends me to the Itunes USA site, which has it, but I'm not allowed to purchase it, as my account is a UK one ? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  18. reflexboy

    The Nova song

    How chav...INIT
  19. chriswt

    A realistic R&B love song! It made me laugh anyway!!!
  20. portzy

    Song Artist/s

    Me and my mate have been racking our brains over a song that used to be around probably in the late 60's or very early 70's. We know the name of the tune as being ''Turn the Page'' and it had a line in it that went something like ''The sound of the amplifiers ringin' in my ears''. It was a...
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