1. N

    black soot everywhere need help

    hi guys i bought a mercedes benz clk200 diesel not long back the car ran like crap and there is black soot everywhere it had been remapped and it kept going in to limp mode and gear box shifter was faulty i have changed the shifter and loaded the dealer origional map on the car which fix a...

    Soot chucker 2 months in.

    As in the header, I have now owned my W212 E350 CDI Sport Blue Efficiency for over two months. This is only the 2nd diesel car I have owned. I have now owned roughly 75 cars. Up to recently my opinions of oil burners were unprintable. The E350 has mellowed my views somewhat. its still noisy on...
  3. BIG_G_1979

    exhausts tips soot up

    Hi guys I have noticed that my exhaust tips soot up a good bit, wonder if this is normal? Mines a om642 v6 No Dpf if this matters, also is there a way I can check if mafs are performing as they should incase it's over fueling Sent from my xperia z3 using MBClub UK
  4. D

    300-24, spark plugs fouling with soot

    Hi, more issues with my trusy old wagon...bit of a story this, so please for anyone that can be bothered to read, bear with me. My car has been messed aorund is a drift car that is used on track aswell as my daily. recently i have been trying to resolve some of the issues that have...
  5. M

    advise on ml270 soot on acceleration

    my first post here goes purchased a ml270 2001 122k noticed even just on idle slight soot from exhaust and when accelerating away puf of black smoke but then clears untill you go on boost again full history but was due a service so i carried out oil,oil filter,air filter changed the maf...
  6. flowrider

    320 CDI excessive soot buildup.

    Is it normal for the exhaust tailpiles to turn black with soot just a week after being cleaned, the rear bumper is also covered in soot just above the tailpipes. I also notice when the engine is turned off there is smoke coming out of the exhaust for a few seconds. My Audi TDI didn't turn the...
  7. Madferrit

    Soot in exhaust?

    Gave my 220 CDi w210 to "Mercs Only" for a B service and a few other bits. When i got the car back it was running very very slow. Barely got above 30 and thats at full throttle :crazy: Called them up and they said it might be the turbo. So i took the car back and they kept it another day...
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