1. T

    CLS Sooty issues resolved

    Well, as I posted issues with my CLS regarding very sooty tail pipes and back bumper ( Yes its a Diesel ) and a good cloud when using kick down it's just cost the supplying Vauxhall dealer £600+ in parts alone. All because they wouldn't service the car before purchase, so I had it serviced by...
  2. T

    CLS Diesel Sooty Exhausts

    I've noticed a lot of soot round the tips of the exhaust of my 2006 CLS Diesel when I'm driving. Not so much when just driving along at slow speeds or constant 60-70mph on motorway which is most of my driving, but the moment I give it a bit of oomph, there is a lot of soot that comes out the...
  3. Andrew Moorey

    E320 CDi W210 sooty exhaust

    Recently noticed that after a run the bumper adjacent to the exhaust is getting sooty. Fuel economy is still fine averaging 42 over the last 1000 miles. Currently on 80k miles its never run on supermarket fuel and had its oil changed every 3k. I'm suspecting EGR valve but before I pull it all...
  4. M

    I love sooty!!

    Daily TV round-up
  5. M

    sooty exhaust

    looked at an 89 (engine changed about 150k ago but dont know the engine source)w124 250td today the exhaust was blowing on the manifold around the front 1 or 2 pistons and the exhaust at the rear was very sooty what does this indicate? .... i want one of these but i dont want a black hole for my...
  6. Ian B Walker

    O/T Sooty

    Before anyone thinks I have completley lost the plot I am looking for a Sooty Teddy Bear. Why? well my daughter is getting married in May and when she was but a small bundle of fun I had occasion to go to Norway for 2 months. I bought her a Sooty Bear which remained a permenant part of her life...
  7. Simon

    Sooty exhaust pipe

    I thought exhaust tailpipes were supposed to be a nice grey / brown colour inside. Mine is rather sooty (1997 C180 72000 Miles) No evidence of smoke though. Please check tailpipes and let me know what you find. Cheers.
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