1. Norte23

    Tool of some sort

    Found these hook type tools in the spare wheel well today in a sealed bag unopened. Almost like radio pins or something, anyone know what they are for?
  2. Tim203

    Can you sort the clock out please.

    Happy New Year peeps and could you good people who give up a lot of free time sorting the'Doebecks without friends Im so angry ' type people threads out tell us what's up with the clock. Thanks in advance. I'm off to curry the contents of the fridge. Tim Ps . And of course make the bed and...
  3. I

    Not a Merc but still german, sort of....

    Audi TT Kit Car For Sale (1995) on Car And Classic UK [C513131]
  4. K

    Drastically reduced W126 500 SEL. Sort of.

    Ironside consignment (I guess) price £6k: Mercedes 500 SEL ( 126-series ) For Sale (1991) on Car And Classic UK [C579744] Owner price £2750 ONO: Mercedes 126 500SEL For Sale (1991) on Car And Classic UK [C605388] I wonder if Ironside's rule of thumb sticker prices are always 50% more than...
  5. rusty55

    R129 sort top replacement

    Hi my 97 r129 in dark blue needs top replacing its blue at present but not sure to go the same or black . Has any member got a view or even better a pic of both options for me to review final look Cheers
  6. W

    Newbie (sort of) with a Viano

    I'm Tony and I live in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Not a total newbie, I was here before with an W124 E300 Diesel I had for 5 years. After owning two anonymous SEATs, I have just bought a 2004 Viano 2.2 CDI Ambiente auto which I will be equipping as a day van and occasional overnight camper...
  7. B

    vito problems to sort

    i have just got a vito 108 a few things i need know- i want to change the door locks, how easy is it to change them? or can the whole lock with handle be changed? as have seen them on ebay. -can the ignition key be recut? as mine is nearly broken and don't want that, -drivers side manual...
  8. poormansporsche

    F/S Brand new (Sort of!) Bilstein Shocks W202

    Fitted for 3 days but found they didnt work with my standard springs ! Lowering springs required to use them !! Part Numbers: F4-B36-1855-HO x 2 F4-B36-1854-HO x 2 Do a google for compatibility - I believe they fit all W202's apart from the V8's Retail is £450 im after £200...
  9. Sp!ke

    Anyone ever seen this sort of thing before?

    If so what causes this phenomena? This was taken by my father in law the other week from his front door. No colour enhancement, no photoshop, he said everything just turned orange for about 15 minutes.
  10. C

    W202 C180 has died - sort off

    Alas, my beloved 96 C180 has stopped working. Engine hesitated for a day or so and then stopped. I thought it was fuel pump, took it to Bosch Service Centre. The gentleman diagnosed the car has no spark and recommended change of crankshaft sensor. £250 later, car still does not start. He now...
  11. swannymere

    Nothing t-cut wouldn't sort out.

    Apologies for the non-MB content
  12. Whitey

    Car dilemma, sort of . . .

    Guys Got some decision making to do and as always appreciate input from the forum ! We have a 2000 Ford KA work horse (rust, leaking, noisy) but we love it and I can put a length of 2x4 in it. I (I saw I and not we as SWMBO doesn't entertain the idea of driving it) have the W202 which...
  13. I

    New owner, new to Mercedes (sort of)

    Hi all, just bought an August 2012 E220Cdi Avantgarde Estate auto, with a few extras, and 3000 miles on the clock. I am new to Mercedes too, having come most recently from a couple of Volvos (S60), a Mazda 5 that I inherited from the wife, and before that a selection of BMWs, VWs and an Alfa...
  14. poormansporsche

    W202 Carbon Steering Wheel - Sort Of !!!!!

    its on a car but he only wants £950 for it so im sure if someone wanted one desperately im sure a steering wheel swap deal could be done as these wheels really are rare !!! Mercedes-Benz C Class C240 Sport 4dr Auto [5] Saloon 2.4 1998 Brett
  15. S

    Ran out of diesel - sort of!

    Ok...on the way home tonight, the fuel light comes on - I look at how much range I have and it's 58 miles (I'm 4 miles from home) I take a short cut up a steep(ish) cobbled hill (noticing range drop to 14 miles due to driving up a hill). I get home safely, then have to pop out somewhere (via...
  16. M

    Audi R8 (sort of)

    Almost unmistakable from the real thing! Used AUDI TT QUATTRO (225BHP) 2001 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 843666)
  17. C

    First post, New (sort of) R107 SL Owner

    Hi everyone, I've been looking at the forum for quite some time, so thought I'd post an introduction at last. I have '78 450SL, which I bought just over a year ago, and it's been quite a 'journey' (to use cheesy reality TV parlance!) as with all 'classic' cars (I've owned a few)there's been...
  18. D

    Old but new member sort of!

    Hi, i joined approx 2 years ago, partly looking for solutions to a jeep grand cherokee engine issue on my wifes old car and never ended up contributing. Having had 2 audis and a bmw as my last 3 cars i have just chosen my latest company wheels and decided quite easily that merc was the way to...
  19. S

    A new sort of haircut

    Car dealer made over £100k from wiping millions of miles off clocks | Mail Online Fancy that eh?
  20. C240Sport97

    What sort of engines we have on the forum?

    Hopefully slightly easier to see distribution of diesels, petrols and cylinders ...
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