1. W

    Where can I get this dent / scratch sorted? (pictures inside)

    Hi guys Got a bit of a dent and scratch on my C class. See pics below. Any good places I can take this in east London / Essex? And how much should it cost to sort? Thanks
  2. lfckeeper

    New CLS! (Now the paperwork is sorted!)

    Picked up my new w219 2007 CLS today. Silver with a brabus D6 chip (wow what a difference compared to the standard 320) , heated memory seats, absolutely fantastic condition... Ill post up some pics tomorrow....
  3. B

    Got my chrome sorted

    So I put my car in the paint shop for a dechrome I also added a 507 bonnet Not sure on the boot strip And a couple of me and my mates
  4. J

    W204 Bluetooth Sorted! A2DP Volume perfect

    As a lurker for several weeks without contributing, I thought it about time I give a recommendation. I have a 2009 W204 C220. It has Bluetooth connectivity for calls, but no option for A2DP streaming, and this is important for me. I have an aux in port in the glovebox, which works but suffers...
  5. lisa110rry

    Bit sad, little rust marks can't be sorted

    Hello, member Chrishazle, on another forum answered my thread about giving myself a treat. He suggested a colour rectification thingy for swirl marks and a interior detail on my little car. Wonderful idea! But I thought it would be a good idea to have the little rusty spots sorted on my little...
  6. P

    New car sorted

    Well the search is over, after looking at the older clk55's and not really finding one I was entirely happy with I decided on a slightly different angle and yesterday purchased a 2010 E500 coupe with 29k on the clock in Tenorite grey with alpaca grey nappa leather. I love the fact that the...
  7. Andrew W

    Cls55 sorted !!

    Had my car in Europa today for a full check up as the rear was sinking in a few hours . Turned out to be the link pipe from the air res . With a bit of pipe it was sorted ;) 2 parking sensors in op so need to sort these. I was quoted £315 fitted . The 2 front tyres have worn on the inside...
  8. A

    Clk hood

    Finally managed to get my roof working. Purchased a used pump removed the old unit bit nothing happened disconnected and re-connected it and hey presto all is working fine. I would however like to ask fellow members who may have changed a motor before is as the hydraulic pipes are removed from...
  9. M

    1991 W124 230E - Well sorted after much recent work.

    Here is my advert for my lovely Mercedes W124. Unfortunately, after nearly 5 years, I think the time may be right to sell as I’m not going to have much free time to use the car in 2014 and I have two other cars to occupy my time. It’s an excellent car that’s benefited from a lot of worthwhile...
  10. RSS

    Many thanks PCS - Noise sorted

    Just a quick thanks to PCS for tracing the suspension noise to one of the front shock absorbers for me. The unit wasn't leaking at all just a constant knock over rough ground and was driving me nuts. As a bonus they replaced the blown headlamp bulb that went the night before while it was in...
  11. tonyc280

    Oil leak sorted

    When i recently bought my c280 i knew there was a bit of an oil leak coming from the top of the left bank of cylinders so after investigating it was found to be the rocker cover breather plate. Very simple job and don't know why it wasn't spotted before by a merc mechanic. Has been leaking for...
  12. D

    Quickly sorted

    A friend had someone run into the back of her old fiat punto at 16.00 hrs. At 17.00 hrs she had a call from the other party's insurance co. who arranged a loan car for her by 18.00hrs.At 18.30 they rang back to see if the loan car was ok ( an Audi A4).They asked what damage had her car...
  13. D

    Sorted at last

    I finally have my car back to normal. I'll had tracking problems since day one and my local MB dealer tried to sort a few times without success. I then used a local perfomance car centre to fit sone winter rubber on the back and carry out a full laser tracking set up. The car was awful when they...
  14. D

    Rear rumble / whine sorted !

    Purchased a 2003 E320 about a week ago. Immediately notised a rumble/whine from the back of the car, started about 35mph & drowned out by 70mph. I couldn't pinpoint it to one side or the other of the car and no change on cornering. After reading these forums I eliminated the Diff' as there...
  15. J

    ML Whooshing sorted.

    It's a sunny day & after 9 months ownership of the ML (W163) during which time I've replaced the thermostat, cleaned the EGR & done the EGR mod, replaced damaged EGR hose & replaced the MAF, I've finally found the source of the Whooshing! The short piece of rubber hose connecting the...
  16. C

    W126 wiper linkage sorted

    :DI have just ordered a wiper linkage for my LHD W126 from I sent a message to the seller earlier today, and received a reply. I have also figured out how to automatically translate any German webpages into English, by downloading the latest Google bar. So everything seems to be OK at...
  17. lxi

    Totally sorted SL55 AMG for sale

    Hi - time to move on. I'm selling my SL55 after three years of ownership. Spec as follows: SL55 AMG, 2003 (June), one previous owner Silver, charcoal interior, Pano roof, keyless, comfort massage seats, Viseeo bluetooth enabled Just turned 48,000 miles Full dealer service history -...
  18. @MARK

    Well that's me sorted out for winter

    After a lot of debate and recognition that unlike some on here, I don't HAVE to drive anywhere IF we have a winter like last year I am now ready for that first morning when I can't get the car off the drive. Whilst I do recognise that the weather guys are so far not predicting a cold snowy...
  19. flango

    My W208 finally sorted

    Well after many months of tweaking and tinkering with my W208 the mechanical work is now finished culminating in the fitting this weekend of a genuine Brabus exhaust and I'm well pleased with the results. Those at the curry night Wednesday will see it in the flesh. Just a little paint correction...
  20. crockers

    Front Crankshaft Bearing sorted

    Not sure if this should be posted here or in General as it is both an engine and a general post. As was reported in I have now had this repair done and the total cost to me has been £135. MB paid 50% of parts...
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