1. John N

    SOS Activation.

    W205, I was adding a Telephone Number at the weekend and as soon as I select Telephone and my List of Numbers appears, thare is also the Message: "SOS Not Activated" :( Is this something I haven't done or do I have to visit my Dealer to get it sorted out?
  2. Benzmanc

    Car S.O.S

    Really love this programme and the new series started during the week, next episode is the Jag MK2. For those that missed it the first car is a 230sl pagoda and the episode is repeated today at 7pm on the National Geographic channel......enjoy Car S.O.S. - National Geographic - Your...
  3. S

    2015 E63, very smokey after remap and no SOS warning!

    Since having a decat downpipe and remap my E63 is VERY smokey at idle (even when warm!) , is this normal for a decatted car ? From memory, my decatted GT-R wasnt smokey at idle ! Also , every time I start the car since being mapped I get a warning on the dash saying "no SOS available " Any...
  4. lisa110rry

    CAR SOS - that parts shop

    Watching Car SOS last night and I had a lightbulb moment. In the repeated episode with the Cortina, a shop called something like "Collectors Car Parts" was shown. Does anyone know where this is?
  5. L

    windscreen defrosting flaps s.o.s.

    hello, Does anyone in London solve this problem already ? I have no air blowing on windscreen also all heating seem to be very poor, calibration does not helping at all, during calibration I can see that air is blowing on a windscreen and then turn off after several seconds . I've got a...
  6. N

    SOS - Any ideas?

    Started the motor this morning and the amber warning appeared SOS no available. Not been working all day despite several journeys and starts. Any clues? Is it local to the vehile or is the MB system down. 2015 E220 Bluetech.:confused:
  7. swaziboy

    SOS Not Ready

    Am I correct in saying that for the emergency SOS function to work the SOS state should be 'SOS ready', in green in the telephone screen? Mine always says 'SOS not ready' in red? Car is a W205 with Comand...
  8. daveenty

    Car S.O.S.

    Just a quick heads up really, new series starts tonight on National Geographic at 20:00 BST. A series I quite enjoy, so will be watching it immediately after the Classic Car Show on Channel 5. :)
  9. C

    SOS & Wrench buttons

    Are there SOS and wrench buttons relating to MBrace within the cls?. Taking a closer inspection of my new car, I found a warning triangle tightly packed into a red nugget bar type enclosure and there was an SOS phone symbol on it too.
  10. F

    S.o.s. Ntg 4.5

    Hello Everyone ... excuse my english .. I ask your help (I pay those who help me) ... I have class E mercedes ntg 4.5 ... when do recording Mercedes Apps error message appears and the bar where scivere can not ... help me? thanks email: [email protected]
  11. J

    Car SOS - Feb 7th 8pm

    Hi Everyone, You may remember me posting in here last year looking for nominations for an upcoming car restoration programme. Well I am delighted to announce that Car SOS series 1 will begin broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 7th on the National Geographic channel. The basic premise is that...
  12. S

    sos, sos, rmapping

    hello all,could some one help,have just go a 2006 jeep grand cherokee was thinking having it remap by celtic tuning,they say they will come to my house and remap it for£352 is it worth going a head with it or is it a waste of money . its a 3 liter diesel engine,thanks for any help you could give.
  13. crockers

    Village SOS

    This week it's the Barge Inn at Honeypot. If you look at the photo in my signature that was taken when a German Policeman had had a beer there , got into his hire car and read the sat nav. Thought the canal was a road.
  14. A

    s.o.s clk

    hi there, I need your help. please I spent more than 3 grands for a problem. The problem not solved yet. My car a 2005 clk has big big problem. everythin is o.k until I NEED ACCELERATION. When the clock comes at 6000 per minute the car losses all pouer. I do not know what to do. the mechanic...
  15. F

    SOS HELP: How can i remove W203 headlamps??

    SOS Needed! I just unscrewed two bolts each side of my W203 headlights. I could feel the movement, but i couldn't remove the headlights out. Both cables have been dismantled. Pls advise whether i have missed out any other bolts or nuts? [IMG]
  16. K

    s.o.s Key fob wont unlock/lock start Please!

    I am so upset! Firstly ive just joined so hello and thank you all for being here.....i also could not find exactly my prob so i am posting a new thread. I have a C200 komp, elegance auto, 2001. I bought it 18 months ago and no problems.......had it serviced when service was due etc.... So.... i...
  17. A

    kick-down button SOS!!

    hi all, i'm using a 1994 C280 A/T and recently i found that the kick-down button doesn't work well! (no "click" sound when i press it) and this evening i found that the button was broken. there is a crack inside too! :crazy: can i just replace the plastic part of this button? anyone here...
  18. O

    sos... whats the connection?

    SOS? am trying to get my C200 (1999) back on the road but i have just hit a snag. i have to get The Engine Control Unit, Ignition Control Unit, Ignition sitch and ignition Key (I have the old one) from the dealership cause they are classified as security components. what makes it worse is that i...
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