1. flat6buster

    advice sought for air compressor

    Hi - can anyone give me some pointers on what to look for when I buy an air compressor. It is to run a small piece of machinery that requires a 30 litre/minute supply. It will be used inside so needs to be quiet and electric I guess. Anything I should look for? Just go to machine mart...
  2. B

    2005 C180K MOT Emissions failure - advice sought - help!

    Hi, I was hoping that some budding enthusiasts and general more experienced auto engineers out there might be able to offer some advice or thoughts on a tricky little emissions issue I seem to be having! Having fancied the idea of owning a Mercedes for a number of years (but not having the...
  3. M

    Independent W124 Specialist Sought

    Hi - I've recently bought a 95 E300. Can anyone recommend independent specialists in there North West area please? Thank you
  4. gazz

    SLK 55 AMG sought

    I've wasted two days now looking at some frankly quite poor examples. :wallbash: Does anyone have a nice one for sale? Prefer black with black, low miles if possible. £15k, give or take, available for the right car. Thanks!
  5. M

    All ML Owners-advice sought

    Any ML owners out there who can advise me the best product or tips on cleaning the running boards please?
  6. tron

    W124 coupe buying advice sought, please.

    I have owned an S202 for six months and have come to the conclusion that a 124CE of some description has to be mine. I would like a leather interior but aircon would take priority over that. I do not want AMG, Carat whatever, wide wheels, Sportline or generally chavved up dross, I like it as...
  7. gazz

    S211 E55 AMG sought

    A good friend of mine is seeking an E55 Kompressor estate. These are becoming few and far between in the secondhand market it seems, and the chances of getting a good'un even scarcer I suspect. If anyone is thinking of selling up, his budget is around £15k for the right car. Please get in...
  8. C

    opinions sought. Ordered an A class Mercedes in Oct14. Still not driving it...

    My G/F Ordered an A class Mercedes on 22 Oct14. For delivery around 1st Feb 15 when our current car reaches end of lease. Its only a vanilla A 200CDi Sport. No hard to get options, in fact no options. Still not driving it. How long is too long? A nice lady at Mercedes head office...
  9. tron

    S202 250TD advice sought, please.

    1998 model first registered August 1998. Does my car (I haven't collected it yet) Have a cat? If it does, can I neuter it? If I can, should I? Thank you.
  10. jotter22

    Recommendations/Advice sought.

    Been thinking about a replacement for the CLK will want convertible and would like some thoughts regarding running cost's (not interested in fuel economy) service,tyres and the like, Car's in question: R172 slk 55 AMG and Jaguar XKR 5.0 supercharged..... Have done all the youtube/online...
  11. Giantvanman

    Opinions sought, please.

    I have finally convinced the wife that her rather pretty SLK is indeed too small for me (by a long way) and that as retirees we deserve a little luxury (see what I did there :D). With that in mind, we are contemplating changing the SLK for an SL but have no idea on what the appropriate pricing...
  12. Giantvanman

    Cordless power tool advice sought

    My son is embarking on a new career, training to be a carpenter and builder. What tools do and what is needed for particular tasks is straightforward but we are having the devil's own trying to decide upon cordless power tools. It is bad enough trying to compare models made by the same...
  13. brucemillar

    Boundary/fence problems. legal advice sought.

    Folks Can anybody help from a legal standpoint. I just need to know my rights in this without a full blown dispute kicking off. I have a boundary fence which encircles my property. This is a post & rail fence and was installed by my contractors when I purchased my property in 2000. Part of...
  14. Giantvanman

    Air Rifle Advice Sought

    Inevitably I suppose, as we feed the birds regularly, we have a vermin problem in the back garden. Because we have a dog, it is too risky to put down poison and as the garden isn't big enough to use the shotgun, I am looking at a cheap to buy air rifle. Rather than walk into the shop and let my...
  15. R

    command/ phone/ iPhone etc. clarification sought...

    Hi all just bought a S211 (its a 2009 reg though)... command, phone cradle, etc. seem a bit different from my other 211... was wondering what I'd need to play my music, etc. through the command? have attached pics; please excuse the MANKY phone cradle; that's courtesy the last owner...
  16. ItalianTuneUp

    camping advice sought

    I'm thinking of buying some camping equipment and I wondered if any members here have any useful tips regarding essential or useful stuff to have. I'll be taking a car to the camp site, so weight/bulk is not an issue. On my potential purchase list so far is the following: - tent - camp bed...
  17. E

    05-06 E350 advice sought

    I believe they're not all that common, but I'm quite tempted by an E350 petrol estate, 2005/2006 MY. It will be a lot slower than my S210 E55, but still has adequate power for my needs (as opposed to wants. I hope...). Are there any known problems with this engine? I suspect it will still have...
  18. E

    05-06 E350 advice sought

    B****r! Duplicate post; finger trouble on my part.:doh:
  19. P

    Blimey, even buying discs is sought

    Morning all i am looking to buy front discs and pads for my 2003 CLK 320 convertible. There seems to be a choice between 288mm and lucas calipers and 300mm discs. How do I know which I need? Thanks
  20. R

    C63 estate selling advice sought

    I'm thinking of selling mine, slowly. 1) What do you think is the best place to sell privately? Are enthusiasts on this forum interested in estates? There are much fewer estates (especially around £30k) so I just need to target the correct audience and don't know whether that is here or only...
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