1. Jalalul

    Unusual Sounds

    I hope your all good. This is my first ever thread here. I recently changed the disc and pads. Now I get these sqeeky sound when the call is rolling from the front left and a clunk sound when the roads are a bit uneven from the rear. But when I got over a humobits not there. Has anyone...
  2. D

    Sounds of the sixties

    Sad to hear of Brian Matthew's passing, I grew up listening to a lot of 60's music (along with endless Northern Soul) and I really enjoyed listening to him on a Saturday morning, he is a great loss to broadcasting. Very similar tone to Terry Wogan, he was perfect to wake up to, not like some...
  3. JonoF1amg

    Clicking sounds from air vents

    Hi I have the W205 C220 bluetec Sport. Can anybody tell me what the clicking sound is that seems to come from around the area of the outside air vents inside the car not long after you start the engine is this normal? Thanks
  4. 350cls

    This sounds rather nice. Not for everyday use, could blow the ear drums !!!!
  5. B

    W164 sounds very dieselly under accel

    My OM642 engine has been recently cured of the smoking problem during idle. It turned out to be the valve seals that had gone hard. It was an engine out job and quite fiddly to do the seals without removing the heads, but worth it. I now have a new fault. Although it doesn't make the...
  6. M.A.94

    W210 sounds 'tappety' on cold start

    With the cold mornings here, I normally let my car run for 5 to 10 mins in the morning before driving. I've noticed my engine sounds a bit tappety (not sure if this is normal on these cars). Engine oil level is fine and I regularly check it. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Deep Purple

    Upgrade sounds

    Just got a cls 350 Cdi 2010 model. Any suggestions on upgrading the sound system, it's a bit flat and not punchy. The Bose in my last car was much nicer. I don't want to spend a fortune either ( tight bugger!) I'm in Southampton anyone got any suggestions who I could get to do work as well
  8. jdrrco

    Sounds like a cracking car for someone...

    Mercedes-Benz CLS 3.0 CLS320 CDI 7G-Tronic 4dr Lovely colour combination, decent spec and seems to have been cared for too
  9. S

    GLC43 AMG - This sounds and looks good!

    The mid-size SUV model series gains a particularly dynamic addition in the form of the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC.The 270 kW (367 hp) 3.0-litre V6 biturbo engine, the automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC with shortened shift times and the AMG performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive configured with a...
  10. M

    2015 Mercedes C63 AMG S Wagon Sounds Amazing – Video

    From the article: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S Station Wagon tearing up the track. Photos and video - 2015 Mercedes C63 AMG S Wagon Sounds Amazing .
  11. whitenemesis

    Sounds so Much Better in Italian

    Sort of classy :eek: and very expressive.... :o bpo8RDyOEWY
  12. U

    E36 AMG W124 Sounds Cheap ??

    Looks ok to me Seems like a nice car and good value ?
  13. M

    Engine Sounds Rough Under Load

    Noticed this for first time today. Accelerating up a "very" steep hill to 30mph and engine sounds really rough. On flat or revving when idling and engine sounds fine. Did a few laps to check and it is every time engine is put under load. It is a strange noise to describe. It isn't just a...
  14. F

    sounds like motor running

    hi dont no if this is in the right place, but when i turn off ignition and sit in the car i can hear what sounds like a motor running inside the cabin. This goes on for about 2 minuites its a w204 estate. Is this normalthanks
  15. T

    Help - I know this sounds ridiculous!

    I'm gonna make my self look really stupid here ladies and gents but I thought it's easier to ask on here than go out to the car and read through the manual! I've got a 2013 C-class coupe, and I cannot find the lever to get the back seats down! I went to put a big box in there the other day and...
  16. A

    Mercedes w164 M272 06 engine knock knock sounds

    Hi everybody, i'm currently driving a Ml350 06 with 75000 miles on it. So my car was diagnose with a balance shaft failure from the dealer with no other engine codes or symptoms. It was running perfectly fine. and i did end up took it to a reasonable & reputable autoshop for repairing. They...
  17. def90cars

    Sounds very familiar......

    I think we can insert suitable candidates :) Forum meet-up less interesting than expected « Sniff Petrol
  18. B

    W212 e250 cdi engine sounds - Video

    Hi I have noticed during the last few days I get a strange noise coming from the engine area. It is only when the engine is cold and the fan heating is turned on inside. It lasts about 5 minutes and gradually fades away. I have had a peek in the engine bay a few times but failed to locate...
  19. Giantvanman

    HELP! Sounds like the door's falling off.

    My Vito Sport Dualiner, under three weeks registered and with just 472 miles on the clock, has developed a rattle. A very loud one. It sounds like the right side sliding door is about to fall off when I go over a bump in the road (not speed hump), road imperfection……just about anything sets...
  20. H

    W124 230te steering sounds

    Hi, My W124 230TE has developed a squeaking/screeching sound when I go around corners. Any ideas what the issue maybe? cheers
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