1. ringway

    The Best Film Soundtrack or TV Theme.

    There are many to choose from, but what is your favourite, and why? I'll start with the one below. I can't really say it's the best film I've watched, but I think the soundtrack, especially when played on a decent system, is fabulous. :cool: AFa1-kciCb4
  2. R


    As I have posted before will be changing my car when the PCP is up next year. So far I have narrowed the replacement down to a 350 cdi engine in an estate but I am still undecided on model and age. I do have a hankering after a V8 though. I drove a friend's SL 500 (2006 I think) and although it...
  3. st13phil

    SLK350 Soundtrack

    Thought I'd share a short clip of my better half's SLK350 being "wound on" during our recent trip to the south of France. No loony fast driving, just me playing with the throttle and the gearbox to make a nice noise :) That V6 does sound sweet at 7,500rpm :rock:
  4. Corrado

    C63 - what a gorgeous soundtrack

    Came across this after a rather dirty black one had rumbled past me on the M4 on Weds. Turn up the volume. Drool:D .
  5. grober

    DVD soundtrack to CD.

    I want to rip the soundtrack of a concert video DVD to CD in mp3 or WAV format so I can play the CD in my car. Can anyone suggest a program that will do this at a reasonable quality. Preferably free of course ;) but any suggestions welcome. The DVD is a legit commercial copy with sound...
  6. mercmanuk

    grays anatomy soundtrack

    this has been driving me mad for days,does anyone know the soundtrack to grays anatomy cheers all
  7. Maff

    Sounds and Drifts of 2004 - Mercedes V8 Soundtrack!

    Gotta love those AMG V8 engines, especially the E55 towards the end! All the other cards don’t sound too bad either! (Aston martin, 575M, Gillardo (sp?), BMW M5 etc) Turn up the sound, right click and download (35MB) Matt.
  8. Maff

    CL500 is gone. Memories of a V8 soundtrack

    This is all I've got left now! Download Here and turn up the speakers! (It's no CL55 though) Time to move onto a more economical V6. :)
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