1. Dave Richardson

    Sour smelling interior

    Could someone could up with a reasonable suggestion to over come a sour smell which has developed in my car ? I bought the W169 as a runaround & get to work car during the summer & it was fine without any interior odours, a few days ago I finished work in the early evening & found the...
  2. rom1

    dodo juice sour power shampoo

    first time I used this this shampoo, found it to be really good, made it easier and quicker to clean car, excellent dilution ration 2 cap fulls to 8L of warm water. One thing I noticed I followed the directions used 2 buckets, rinsed and dried as per normal. Now the car looks a lot darker...
  3. pluggers

    Shopping trip turned sour

    Well today was the day Off to the shops.Chose a fairly decent car park and paid my 40p for an hour,Should have realised then it was going to be difficult.I parked far end as usual but I admit it was quite busy.I put my ticket in the window and as I was getting out the car I noticed a woman was...
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