1. jeremy156

    1995 E320 Coupe 124, Southampton, £3500

    Selling my "fun car" as I no longer have space for two cars. At 126k miles, this car is in pretty good shape, a pleasure to commute in and take out for fun drives, but not as quiet and relaxing as a modern car for motorway cruising. Some vibrations at speed, wind noise, etc. All stuff I'd...
  2. Seahorse


    Hi, Just sold my SLK, 8N2A7676-Edit-1-2 by Mr Seahorse, on Flickr not had a chance to take a decent shot of it's replacement yet, so here's a crappy phone shot for now. I'm sure I will have plenty of questions about the new one...:thumb:
  3. D

    New CLS Owner Southampton

    After looking at quite a few I picked up my new car yesterday, its condition was head and shoulders above the others I looked at. Lovely spec, only lacking xenon lights to be perfect! I will be selling the private plate so if anyone interested in this ageless private plate let me know. If...
  4. M

    New owner from Southampton

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to the rest of you. Big thankyou for letting me join. Proud new owner of an Iridium Silver W204 C230 Sport estate on a 09 plate. Anyone else from Southampton on here?
  5. dan-mb

    anyone have anyexperience with Mercman southampton?

    New set of alloys required Mercman - Mercedes-Benz Parts mercman Southampton anyone used or know them? Thanks in advance Dan
  6. A

    Another tracking issue - who to use in Southampton area?

    My wifes for a 3 year old E class which pulls to the left (I know it's a common complaint), Mercedes completed the tracking FOC and tells me it's all OK. Still no better, now worn the outer edge of the near side tyre. I need somebody that can align the car, fit camber if required, and sort...
  7. fab1975

    Audi A4 vs motorcyclist in Southampton

    This woman is an absolute lunatic: Motorist drives on wrong side of road and swerves into motorcyclist | Daily Mail Online :ban::ban:
  8. D

    Anyone on here know MercMan LTD Southampton?

    As per title; I've seen a set of alloys he's got on fleabay and recognised the name?
  9. R

    MBS Southampton

    Been at MBS this morning, found them to be very thorough and professional, enjoyable morning, my thanks for their good work, and to Cole, more so as he was not feeling that great. :thumb:
  10. M

    MBS - Southampton

    Just had some work carried out on my CLS 500 by MBS, Mercedes Specialist, Southampton. Great service all round, so helpful and I would highly recommend them. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thanks.
  11. B

    New member near Southampton

    Hi everyone, Just thought I had best introduce myself. Im Marc and live just outside southampton. I recently picked up a 99 ML320 as a second car/winter 4x4 and am very happy with it ( as long as I dont look at the fuel gauge!). I have a few bits to sort on it, first things being a replacement...
  12. C240Sport97

    Mercedes Southampton Sales

    Last Saturday afternoon, I noticed this (the SL63 reduced by £9500): It was an offer ending last Sunday, so I called Mercedes Southampton (as the SL63 was listed in MBUK's national approved used car website as being located there). I spoke to a salesman called Danny (or was it Sunny), who...
  13. N

    1995 MERCEDES E36 AMG CABRIOLET £10,000 Southampton

    PROBABLE SCAM - removed Removed.
  14. B

    New member from Southampton

    Thought I should hello as I have justy got myself a C200 estate with 110,000 miles on her, really a spring chicken. I bought my first Merc in Canada in 1961, it was a 180 Diesel and as all my mates had bought sports cars, I was the one to take all our kit from the West Coast to the East Coast...
  15. F

    Mercedes Southampton - Good Service

    Just thought I would pass on my thoughts on recent buying experience at Ridgeways. I picked up a year old facelift C180 Auto Sport Estate on Wednesday with my 2010 BMW 525d Touring taken in exchange. So far, I really love the C180, it's nice to be able to park without needing a bloke with two...
  16. J

    Cost of discs/pads for s320 cdi southampton

    anyone any idea of how much i should pay to have my discs and pads replaced on the rear end of my 2003 s320 cdi or indeed reccomends of who to use please? many thanks Joe
  17. M

    Southampton Mercedes -AVOID

    Bit of a rant. When I collected my car it was delivered with a scratch on the drivers door window. After 6 months a new piece of glass was waiting at the dealers to be fitted so I booked my car in to get it fitted along with a couple of other minor issues that I had with my car. I dropped my car...
  18. T

    Need to get Alloys refurbed any recommendations

    Car alloys have been refurbed cheaply prior to me owning car, only outside done. Paint peeling off etc. Can anyone recommend an outfit in Southampton that can do it right ? Many Thanks
  19. Gucci


    On the off chance - odd request - but apparently some point of sale we had installed at CarphoneWarehouse Southampton smells of manure! Anyone's snout in Southampton to investigate!?!!! :crazy: Thanks! :rolleyes: :eek:
  20. swannymere

    Detailer required in Southampton

    If anyone could recommend a detailer in the Southampton area i can pass on the details of a potential customer from another forum i'm on, Thanks.
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