1. E

    Wanted: W203 CLK430 convertible in Southern England

    Hi all, I'm looking for a clk430 convertible, preferably silver with black interior and with fewer than 100k on the clock. If you have one for sale - I am based in Surrey but will happily travel for the right car - then I'd be pleased to hear from you. Many thanks
  2. SouthEastHire

    Southern Convoy to Trax- South Mimms

    Thought I'd get the ball rolling with a southern convoy to trax next Sunday, 19th from South Mimms. How does meet around 7am sound, half hour for a bite and a chat head off to Silverstone at 7.30am? Alps, what time are we needed at the gates if general opening is 9am? Ollie 1...
  3. Marvin16x

    Your favourite scenic roads and places in Southern England and Cornwall

    Hey all, the first leg of our 2015 UK trip will take us along the south coast all the way to Land's End and then up through Wales and so on ... Once again I'm hoping to get some advice from you guys as to which roads to take and other nice things and places that can be seen on our way...
  4. D

    Southern Spain in 2-3 days?

    We are heading down to Tarifa soon for a few weeks for an extended birthday celebration with friends. (Spanish Atlantic cost next to Gib). We've been there quite a few times but usually via ferry to Bilbao and then a day's dash down south. This year I've been told we are driving the whole...
  5. B

    Driving to Southern France

    Hello We're going to be driving down to the South of France (near Perpignan and the Spanish border on the Mediterranean side) from Calais later this summer. As we will have two small children with us we will probably not be too ambitious about the mileage we can cover each day and take 2-3...
  6. nick mercedes

    Southern England Driving Tour

    Given the Northerners and the Jocks are having driving tours of their respective bleak parts of the UK, how about we Southerners have a go? Plenty of options for a day out: Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty South Downs National Park Authority - Homepage New Forest...
  7. V

    Does Southern Ireland have annual MOT's??

    Looking to purchase a car from Southern Ireland and I'm not sure if I'm being spun a yarn or not, but I'm being told that there isn't the equivalent of an annual this true?
  8. BTB 500

    Southern GTG 30/11/08 at PCS, nr Portsmouth

    A great turnout despite freezing cold and steady rain! Many thanks to Ollie, Emma, and Mum for a fantastic spread as usual. And Howard for the doughnuts :) Conditions not ideal for photography but here are a few snaps:
  9. BlackC55

    Southern Xmas GTG- All welcome

    Do any of you fancy having a GTG at my workshop in December time? It may be easier for us southerners to meet at mine rateher than making a trek up north. Just putting the feelers out really to see if there is any interest. See my website for a map link and...
  10. T

    Southern FM

    Why when I pick the car up from the garage has the radio always been retuned into Southern FM !!! Do other folk find that their car radio has been retuned to another local radio station whilst their car is in the hands of the garage ??
  11. Sp!ke

    Recommend a hotel in Southern Germany?

    I'm planning to drive south for summer again this year and looking to find somewhere half way down to stay the night with the wife and young son. I'm guestimating that we'll be ready for a rest somewhere between Stuttgart and Munich. Basically, 10 hours drive or so from Calais. Thinking...
  12. robert.saunders

    Southern Comfort and...

    Major debate at the moment - which is best? :devil:
  13. H

    Eating in Galway, Southern Ireland

    In a couple of weeks time HID :eek: and myself are off to Galway to celibrate 5 years together, can anyone point me in the direction of a really good resturant in the area? Many Thanks :)
  14. M

    Southern Carburetters & Injection

    Located in Wimbledon SW19 they diagonosed my C220 stalling/idling problems Throttle body required (£360 from MB so located an exchange remanufactured one with warranty for £192 from BBA-reman in Kent & fitted it), car is now better than it's ever been! Southern Carbs &...
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